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it happned 2 times i concentrated on my mobile phone and suddenly i started to fade...and when i stop it i feel like fainting for few sec but didn't every thing was normal...no palpitation,no pain, nothing..
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How low is your heart rate?  I suggest seeing a doctor to eliminate possibility of low thyroid or infection.
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Did you actually faint or just feel like you were going to?  Could be simple low bp or simple anemia but it does seem a check up is in order.  Without other heart symptoms I suspect it is something outside the heart but best to get checked out by a doctor if this continues.  And maybe also post your question in the diagnosed symptoms section to see what others have to offer for fainting spells.  
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i just felt like i will faint...but didn't...gart rate was normal around 63-65...i felt good when i stopped watching my phone and looked around..
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Could be a simple BP issue and likely nothing to worry about but go and get a check up just to be sure.
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