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fast heart beat after eating certain foods

hiya wondered if any body can give me some advice, i have been to see a cardiologist when i was 29yrs old and had all the teasts, heartscan, 24hr tape, chest xray, anyway it came back i have ventricular ectopics, then 2yrs later i started suffering from anxiety so i went private and seen a cardiologist and had heart scan 24hr tape and ecg that came back normal, then went private again 2yrs ago because my ectopics were happening every few mins for a week but he just done an ecg and said it was fine, explained that people can have loads everyday, i went to my gp the other week and said i get palpitations especially after alcohol and eating certain foods so i got an ecg done in work and that was fine, so need some advice because its giving me anxiety when my heart goes fast, i still think there is something up, maybe its my food not digesting enough causing me palpitations, oh i am driving myself silly, i need advice, do i still need further tests on my heart.
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Well, Alcohol will cause palpatations because it dehydrates you, especially in excess. You should drink a glass of water or Gatorade between alcoholic beverages and after to avoid dehydration and palpatations.

There are some foods that can dehydrate you as well. If you tell us what foods are causing this we will try to assist you in that regard. I am betting that they are spicy.

Relax and take a few deep breaths. You have had alot of tests done from several doctors and none of them seem to think you are in any immediate danger.

Post back and let us know.

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thankyou, well i dont really know, i find if i havnt had my breakfast in work then eat about 10.30am afterwards i get palpitations, i can get them as soon as i start drinking alcohol aswell, even today i have felt my heart going fast a few times but for no reason, it gives me cause for worry all the time, it is giving me anxiety, do you think if i have been checked out i will be alright, i am thinking i might need further tests on my heart, something different than a heart scan
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MSG can cause a fast heart rate in some people.  I notice it after I eat Chinese food with MSG.
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If it happening right after taking one drink then I would say that it is not a case of dehydration. You may want to go back to your cadiologist and request an Echocardiogram to make sure your heart valves are okay just to make sure all the bases are covered. I have read people's posts on here that experience palpatations due to GERD  and Hiatal Hernia so maybe you may want to see a gastroentologist also.

You also may just have Generalized Anxiety. Ask your PCP to recommend one of these other specialists to you if he or she feels you may have one of these disorders.

Again, Keep us posted.
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hiya, thank you for your reply, my doctor said the other week because i have had tests done on my heart and the last heart scan i had done was in 2004 and the last ecg i had done was only 5weeks ago that she wouldnt refer me for any other tests, i would love to go private but its to dear, and if i go in and ask to see a gastro she will probably think i am mad, but i will keep you informed, do you think though alot can change with your heart within 5yrs?
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Things can change in your heart from day to day.
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I get palpitations if I have any or the following:

coffee, chocolate, and soda... obviously that takes in everything with caffeine!
Nitrates and Nitrites, probably due to the excruciating headaches I get
Pepper, and other hot/spicy foods
Nutrasweet...does it every time!
Unrefined sugar...like candy, fruit doesn't seem to bother me as much as long as I eat something else with it.
Red food coloring #40...makes me hyper and gets my heart racing.

Oh and last but not least...I can't overfill myself...if I eat too much heart starts right in racing and I break out in a sweat.

hmmm... food affects me...maybe it does you too?  I was tested  for food allergies and apparently I have none either.  I have had every test on my heart done too.  I don't think I am imagining these things...  So if certain foods bother you, stay away from them.  I feel deprived... :-(  oh well better than suffering!
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