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fast heart beat vs hypertension

The beta-blockers and CCBs groups of medication are usually subscibed for me to adjust fast heart beat AND lower hepertension. Are these medications suitable for a person with a normal blood pressure most of the time? are there any alternative medications that regulate the high pulse WITHOUT affecting BP?
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In short, mostly no.  I have been on 4 beta-blockers and a couple calcium channel blockers over time.  Any md sees my list and it would be assumed I have rocket high blood pressure BUT in fact any more I feel lucky to have one at all.  That being said, it matters what the dose it.  I was able to take a LOT of propranolol without affecting my bp too much.   Coreg makes for a little more hypotension.  Metoprolol, not too bad.  Labetalol, one pill and I'm dizzy... but it does cut my rate down.  To get into the meds that affect rhythm without disturbing bp too much, you get into the antiarrhythymics and the drugs get scarier for your rhythms.    So... bb/ccb are the industry standard first line for these problems and most of the time, they work with very little problems  You may need to spend a bit of time adjusting in the beginning, but it usually works well.  Good luck.
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I take Atenolol for fast heart rate.  It is a beta-blocker.  Recently, I have been having drops in blood pressure, as I have been exercising to increase cardiovascular fitness.  This only occurs at night, as I take medication at 6 pm.  I would think you may have drops in blood pressure you don't want with BB.  It will slow HR down, but may drop blood pressure.  Maybe try exercise to lower resting heart rate.  Walking would be good start.  Sally Edward's book on Heart Zone Training.  I always advocate this book on this website.  I am not familiar with other BB or CCB.  This is only my opinion.  Hope everything works out.  
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