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fast heart rate, palpitation and shortness of breath

I am a male 37 year old with IBS. 2 months a go I had this episode of fast heart rate that then lead to shortness of breath and I felt I am going to pass out. So I went to emergency room. They did ekg of heart and CT scan of lungs along with blood tests. They all came back normal. Then they sent me to heart specialist. I did stress echo test which was normal. Also had zio patch for 2 weeks. They said that was also normal. In the mean time I followed low fodmap diet and I felt a lot better. Almost no heart palpitation until couple of days ago. I had another episode. My resting heart rate went up to 135! 2 days gone and I am still having problems. If I eat, I get shortness of breath for 3-4 hours. If I don't eat I get heart Palpitations for a few hours. Last time doctor said it might be panic attack related and wanted to put me on Xanax but I refused. I honestly don't have any mental problems. Also food allergy specialist told me these symptoms are not allergy related. I have also done some asthma testing and thyroid and other blood test all came back negative. I am completely baffled. It could be STD related. I have had bad luck with STD before. Although I recently tested and it's all negative but it could be dormant in me? Please if anybody can help. This is making my life miserable...
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