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feel like cant breath

Im not sure what to do or whether it is dangerous or not
but sometimes i cant inhale from my heart or my chest I feel a deep pain
I just keep on exhaling till I cant breathe anymore
It happens like every couple of months and I asked my friends dont know anything about it

I guess my question is...should I be worried? Do these symptoms sound dangerous? Has anyone else experienced these? Have you talked to a doctor?

ANYTHING would be very helpful! Thank you!
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Can't really say what is causing it, could be important or could be nothing but you should go and see a doctor and get checked out.  Just try to describe as much as you can about what happens, what you feel and when it happens.  Best of luck sorting it out.
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It sounds like a classic panic attack.  I would suggest you google this:

Symptoms panic attack

If what you read does not describe anything you experience, then see a general practitioner for an evaluation.
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