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fetal SVT

My baby boy was diagnosed with fetal SVT when I was 19 weeks. I have been it the hospital for 10 days now and they have tired different meds. Digoxin and Flecainide. They didnt work. Has anyone gone through this and could be of some support??
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Sorry I can't help, just bumping this back to the top.  In my years of supporting this board it's a very uncommon question.

Has your son had an echo yet?
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Yes,  they have done 3 so far and he gets them once a week now. His heart rate seemed to be under control for a few days and the fluid around his heart was back to normal but when I was on the monitor yesterday it jumped back up to 240 for a few seconds twice. From what everyone is telling me this isn't a very common thing. Sigh
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prayers for you and your sweet baby
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Have they recommended an ablation yet?
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