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first degree heart block and excercise

About 3 years ago I experienced a lot of heart palpitations, and it was hard to breathe so I went to the hospital. They gave me an EKG and when I went to a cardiologist he said I had a first degree AV block.
Since then I have cut out most stimulants and have not really exercised. I have rarely had a recurrence of any heart palpitations, like twice in 3 years, and I know they are attributable to caffeine, I keep forgetting green tea has caffeine...
I would like to start running. I was planning on starting out running/walking like run for a minute then walk for two. I don't know if I should be worried about this heart block, or if I should watch my heart rate, or just not exercise....
I would just really love some help on figuring out what I can do.
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I have had first degree AV block for decades, since the first time anyone did an EKG on me in college.  What it means--in most cases--is that the time interval in the first part of the heartbeat sequence is just a tad longer than normal, but--and this is important--every single electrical impulse gets through.  There are no missed beats due to first degree block.  So it is almost always considered a benign condition, unless the heart block itself has been caused by heart attack or other disease (which is unlikely if you are young, as I suspect you are).

Before this diagnosis, I was a gym rat, and I have remained a gym rat.  I go to the gym five or six days a week and I work out hard.  I also have periodic episodes of PVCs, sometimes lasting for months, and I still work out on the same schedule.  When the PVC attacks arrive, they make me nervous in the extreme, but I have found ways to deal with that kind of fear, and I continue exercising vigorously.

I'd recommend you go back to your doc or some doc and ask for 'permission' to run or work out.  My guess is that after a checkup, you will be given clearance and told to live your life to the fullest, without letting fear get the best of you.

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