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fish oil

does anyone take fish oil? would you recommend it? what is a good dose? are there side effects? does it mix well with beta-blockers?
I don't know anything about it, but i hear it mentioned, and my roommate started taking it. i want to talk to my cardio about it, but i am away at school.

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I would be curious to know this too...I have been considering using this.  
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Recommendations from the AHA...

The ideal amount to take isn’t clear.  Evidence from prospective secondary prevention studies suggests that taking EPA+DHA ranging from 0.5 to 1.8 grams per day (either as fatty fish or supplements) significantly reduces deaths from heart disease and all causes.  For alpha-linolenic acid, a total intake of 1.5–3 grams per day seems beneficial.

Check out the AHA website...there is a wealth of information there regarding supplements. Hope I helped the 2 of you:))
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I Take Carlson Liquid Fish oil, a tablespoon twice a day, one morning and one evening. It is super. I do not believe it will interact with any drugs either as it is a food. It has lowered my triglycerides so much and all my other lipids too, I highly recommend it.
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I have tried different brands of fish oil on different occassions as well as my husband.  I wished I could take it for the health benefits; but, in our case, it causes digestive upset such as bloating and gas. So,  I've replaced fish oil with flax seed oil and we do not experience the gas and bloating we had with fish oil.  In my case, I feel much better on flax seed oil, emotionally as well as physically.
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My husband takes fish oil for mild chf.  He takes 1000mg pills but not over the counter.  He takes prescription, because over the counter is actually only 300 mg of omega 3 fat.  He takes this with correg.  They help improve his heart's ejection fraction.
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