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I've  had 2 by-passes (arteries keep clogging) several heart attack, crinic PVC's and occasional racing heart (160+) currently have 2 blocked arteries that cannot be opened, take little medication (bloof pressure 130/72) 58 years old active 6 foot 180 lbs.  My current new problem is at rest my face flushes deeply and pulses blurring vision slightly and bringing on severe headaches.  My cardiologist insists it's not heart related and family Dr hasn't a clue.  Any ideas ?
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Your face flushing deeply points out to me a problem with your 02 level in your body...blurred vision and headaches is not a good thing in my book.    Do they have you on anticoagulants or an aspirin a day to reduce the risk of clotting in your body since you are in that risk group?   I think personally i would find a new doctor if they told me that they haven't a clue and find one that does have a clue.  Sometimes we have to really get proactive with our bodies because we only have one and have to search out the right doc that can make enough time for us to find the cause and not just shrug their shoulders.  It may very well not be heart related however to me i would definately be concerned about the clot factor here ....i'm not trying to scare you just telling you that if this continues you need someone to get to the bottom of this or it may progress into something that was avoidable....good luck
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Anytime you flush it's from dilated capillary blood vessels.  They are the smallest vessels that are closest to the skin surface.  Many things can cause it, drugs, alcohol, food, allergies, neurologic problems...it's a huge list of things but usually not your heart.  I would go to my doctor and tell them how concerned you are.  
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thanks for the replies.  my only meds are digoxin, pravastatin, aspirin and xanex (prn for pvc's) This flushing only occurs at night in a relaxed atmosphere and progresses toneck chest and upper arms, in all areas i can feel my heart rate while this is occuring, and doesn't go away until morning , after sleep.  this started after my last heart attack jan 1 2010
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