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glycerin and heart arythmia

how much glycerin can be consumed internally for heart arythmia?  
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If you're wanting to CAUSE a heart arrhythmia, then oral glycerin is the stuff for you!

Check out the side effects of oral glycerin here:


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Thank-you for your information. I am trying to find a solution to help alleviate a heart arythmia that my husband is experiencing. He is taking bystolic and amour thryoid as medications. Both seem to have side effects that can be heart arythmia. I am looking at hawthorne berries to assist in helping his arythmias. Are there any other viable solutions? The last visit to the doctor, indicated that his thyroid level may need to be examined. Any other ideas and information would be greatly appreciated
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Bystolic is a beta blocker, and beta blockers are commonly given for high blood pressure (which many of us have just as a consequence of aging).  However, they are also sometimes given to help control the symptoms of HYPERthyroidism until specific medications to correct the thryroid become effective.

The fact that your husband is taking Armour thyroid, a prescription medication, indicates that he has been diagnosed with some kind of thyroid problem.  What is the nature of his thyroid disorder?  Is he overweight or underweight?  Do his blood tests indicate that he is 'hypo or hyperthyroid'?  Does he have a hyperfunctioning nodule that the doctors are attempting to suppress with thyroid hormone?

The reason I ask is that thyroid disorders by themselves--both hyper-and hypofunctioning of the thyroid--often cause heart arrhythmias, and until the thyroid problem is diagnosed and correctly treated, it can be quite dangerous to add herbal or any other medications to the prescriptions your husband has been given.  Hawthorne does have effects on the heart, often somewhat beneficial for some common heart problems connected with aging, but to add it to a thyroid disorder without understanding what is going on is potentially very dangerous.

As a supportive wife, your job right now is to learn about your husband's thyroid condition and the effects it has on his heart, as well as what kind of arrhythmia he has.  This is not a simple job at all, and home remedies applied without understanding can, as I say, be outright dangerous.

Here is thyroid information that it would be helpful for you to read quite seriously:

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My husband is overweight, has sleep apnea, COPD and high blood pressure. I understand that the thyroid test indicated that his thyroid level was low. He also has no libido, experiences tiredness all the time. I understand that the thyroid controls the endrochrinlogical, metabolic and circulatory systems. I have been also encouraging him to take two capsules of kelp in order to help his thyroid. Yarrow, I appreciate your interest and helpful information which you have been so kind to offer. I have been giving him two tablespoons of walnut oil. He has a sore that he has had on the side of his leg for years that is now healing up. I have been doing some research on parasite and worm infestation also. I am looking to God to continue to assist me through wonderful caring people like yourselves.    
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