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got echo results ?? HELP

hi, i picked up my records today from my cardiologist office and was looking over my last echo results which was 8 months ago.. please tell me what this means!
*image quality for this study is fair ((dr says prolly cuz of my breast implants))
*ventricular ejection fraction by visual estimation is 60 to 65%
*left atrium is mildly dialted
*trace mitral valve regurgitation is seen
*trace tricuspid regurgitation is visualized, the tricuspid regurgitant velocity is 1.68 m/s and with an assumed right atrial pressure of 3 mmHg, the estimated right ventricular systolic pressure is normal at 14.3 mmHg.
*pulmonic valve was not well visualized, trace pulmonic valve regurgitation.
I HAVE OTHER NUMBERS IF ANYBODY IS INTERESTED?? please tell me is anything here of any concern?
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Also can any of that be what's causing my pvc's, pac's, svt, atrial fibrillation, tachys?? And should i ask for another echo one to compare just to make sure??
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Yes, your mildly dilated left atrium may be to blame for some of your arrhythmias (especially the atrial fibrillation). It's not dangerous, but as you are young, maybe you should consider getting your atrial fibrillation treated so you don't need to suffer from this.

Everything else in your report is normal, but PACs, PVCs and SVT often happen in the absence of structural heart disease, meaning you can have these conditions even if your heart is completely normal.

A young female should not have a dilated left atrium. Ask your doctor what he thinks - is it caused by the atrial fibrillation or is it causing atrial fibrillation?
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Most people will have mild valve leakage (regurge), I think so much so I believe this to be more the norm.   "mild" dilation of any chamber isn't uncommon.  The findings, to me, aren't anything earth shattering.
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My experience with atrial fibrillation and its causes (we do not have a proof, just a list of suspects) is that a leaky (got progressively worse over many years) mitral valve caused an enlargement of my left atrium.  I believe the terminology "dilation" is use for non-troubling size increase, enlarged is reserved for too large, over the limit.

In my case, and at the age of 67 so don't take it personally, I had to have a mitral valve repair done to stop the growth of enlargement.  This, now 5 years later, was accomplished.  Still, my doctors do not say the enlargement caused my AFib, but they do say, and have said, it is a main contributor to the ongoing stubborn case of AFib I have.  This, and my senior age, leads them to continue my "rate control" approach of living with AFib.  In your case, and young age, I believe it best to seek a cure not an ongoing treatment.
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