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has anyone else?????......

I've been passing out for 7yrs now. Used to be tied in with migraine headaches. I would always have a migraine when I passed out. Now, I pass out for no apparent reason. I'm out for at least 5-8mins...sometimes they say I seize sometimes I don't. Sometimes I get an aura before I pass out....sometimes I don't. I always wake with dry heaves, alittle disoriented at first. It's so frustrating! No one seems to have any answers....anyone have any suggestions on who I can see? meds I can try? anything?
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Have you been evaluated recently by a neurologist for this?  Has anyone mentioned a mild form of epilepsy to you?

5-8 minutes out cold is pretty long and needs to be investigated, as does the occasional aura and possible seizing.  
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I agree with achillea -- you need to seek professional help for this.  I have felt faint due to increased medication.  Are you on medication?  I was taking Norpace and Atenolol and when one was increased, I had to cut back on the other.  I am not sure if this is a heart issue or not.  You might get more help on the Migraine or Seizure forum.  Good luck.
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