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healthy heart rate.

Hi, I am a 27 year old male with a constant worry about heart problems, although I engage in just about every single vice that will make them all worse. Here's a bit of background information:

I am 6'4 and weigh 150kg or 330lbs. Probably 60-70 lbs of it is body fat. I am a casual smoker and drinker and I eat too much of the wrong stuff. I spend roughly 30 minutes of walking per day (half of which is steeply uphill) to get to and from work. I almost never get winded by this.

I know what I need to do to improve my health. I know I need to eat better, quit smoking altogether and exercise a great deal more than I already do. This will help me conquer all my fears and leave me a happier healthier person.. if only I could find the willpower. So, on to my heart condition, stats, and a question:

I have one pre-existing heart condition; an enlarged heart. My heart itself is only slightly narrower than half the width of my ribcage. I believe anything wider than half is considered a serious danger sign. My resting heart rate is 74bpm. I have tested this regularly over a period of weeks. My blood pressure is 130/90. So do these figures put me in a real danger zone?
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Hi Mike...sounds like you are one lucky man.....a normal heart rate is between 70 and 120 so you are great there and your blood pressure looks well within the standards as well.  If you are walking uphill and not even getting winded and weigh 330 pounds that is totally amazing.  I am sure that your doc told you that being overweight can definately cause an enlarged heart as well as smoking.  I am sure i don';t need to tell you if would be best if you dropped off some of the weight.....as far as your vitals go and your readings....again you are super lucky to have such great ones...i would go on without worry but may want to try to limit my intake of calories to help yourself further....i definately would not be worried
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Regarding heart rate:
Your resting heart rate is fine, and does not put you in any danger zone. Your blood pressure is fine, but your diastolic (lower number) pressure is a little bit high, which is common if you smoke and have some kg's overveight.

Regarding heart size:
There are many causes (and types) of heart enlargement, what matters is if your heart is dilated, or if the walls are enlarged (thicker) or if the heart itself just is a bit overdimensioned. I doubt it's a dilation process if you are able to exercise that well. Anyway, a cardiologist should have a look at it with echocardiography (if it's not done already).

You mention what you should do, you really should quit smoking and eat healthier. You're 27 years old, and you should have some nice years in front of you, not worrying about heart diseases. This is important.
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