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heart and head

I have been getting feelings of pressure in my head when walking for the last two weeks.
it tends to be at the back of my head and feels a bit like when the blood rushes to your head after hanging upside down for a while.  
over the last few days ive begun to have some chest aches, sharp twinges now and again that arent painful and the odd ache in the centre of my chest
also at night i cant sleep because of my heart jumping now and again when lying down.
i can feel my heart beating quite fast and hard, then it jumps/skips and does strange things.
its a scary feeling.
had ecg for one minute that showed up nothing other than a fast heartbeat.

these 'dizzy' feelings also affect me now and again when sitting now too.
my blood pressure was high two weeks ago and havent had it checked since.

getting very worried as what the doctor thought was a virus just isnt shifting.
i cant walk more than 5 minutes without feeling this pressure in my head and now my hearts scaring me even more.

any help appreciated!
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You may want to look into your high blood pressure. That will cause a lot of pressure in your head when it's high. The heart beating fast and hard sounds more like adrenaline. It sounds like you may have a touch of anxiety, which is completely understandable considering you have been feeling funny things with your heart. You may want to check out the anxiety forum.

Just some suggestions. :)

Take care and I hope you find answers.
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thanks for the reply
im going back to doctors tomorrow to try and get some more tests done
getting tested for thyroid gland problems tomorrow too.

i thought the blood pressure was worryingly high but my doctor didnt seem overly concerned
i think the top number was 170 at one point which is incredibly high

i hope it is anxiety because its very scary when that missed beat or funny double beat  is so scary
am 26, dont smoke, drink relatively little and never touched drugs.

very scared though!
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I have had the skipped beats for 6 months now, so I know how you feel.  It is a very scar feeling, nothing you can describe unless you have had it.  I am on medication for it and I still get them.  It's amazing to me how many people are dealing with this issue!
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kinda sounds like hyperthyroism...i have that now...my heart beats so hard i can hear it in my ear when i lay down...try to cut out salt and see what happens
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My head is exactly the same as yours,you have described it perfectly, I feel better knowing someone else is the same as me.All my tests are fine, but I have numerous missed beats(about 10 per minute)I have tried beta blockers but came off them as they made me exhausted. The pounding isnt caused by high blood pressure as mine is normal, I think its down to the missed beats, if I only miss a few my head is ok but I think when you miss alot it seems to really affect my head, I told the doc and he said that it goes with the condition!!
Hope this helps, good luck
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