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heart flutters

Hi there,Ive been haveing heart flutters now for a year, since i had my son a year a go.... the docs told me it was stress and also at that time i was stressed and also worried because i had it in my head i was gonna die for some silly reason, I see my doc again as they said it was NORMAL .....They then told me it was a heart MURMER and sent me for a HECO SCAN ..... They said my heart was working fine and all was ok and also put this down to ...anxiaty attacks and also panic attacks...... When i see the heart doc they also told me its NORMAL and they also see a lot of this in people age 20-30 ..... years old ..... Its worrying when this happens i must say and also it can go off and start again ..... if i feel cold it happens then ..... i also go heavy heads and some times light head ...... i hate going out in case i get took bad and also got it in my head i have bad heart and im gonna have a heart attack.....But the doc and also the heart docs say im fine and to try and keep chilled !!!!!  This as made my life hell to tell you the truth im worried to drink tea or coffee now because it does happen a lot if i do so ... and also if i go out of my home town i panic and also start to get 1 then and it will go off when i chill out .......I was just siting o the sofa not thinking of anything bad and i got one then it was like my heart had stoped and then just a bang and started again and then like little butterflys going over my heart .... really worrying !!!!! But as im told dont worry try and chill move !!!!!! EASY FOR THEM TO SAY HEY !!!!

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Hi read your post....its normal for you to think of mortality when you feel something is wrong w. your heart and if you ask anyone of this site everyone has thought it so no biggie...normal.....over 50% of the population has a heart murmur, live w. it and no problems once they get to the acceptance point.  If you head feels heavy and then light it could be your panicking a little and causing your blood pressure to rise and fall..again pretty normal.  From what you've said and what the heart doc has told you you definately do not have a bad heart and the odds of you dropping dead in your age group...you have a better chance of being hit by lightening.....i doubt you'll ever see that day.  Many of us have felt that at rest thing when all of a sudden your heart feels like it stalls and them kind of a thud and all gone......the butterflies you are feeling are pretty normal too...its just the electrical activity in your heart re configuring the right pathway....again normal.  I know its scary but all of the odds are definately on your side here.....i think maybe you need to call the heart doc tomorrow and talk to them on the phone for a minute and tell them what you are afraid of so that they can reassure you a little...at your age you have bigger fish to fry like living, loving and dancing like nobodys watch'...you only get this time once...find a safe place in your mind and heart and go back to living......you sound like you have a pretty great future ahead of you my friend....
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Hi cindy, Thank you for getting back to me and you have made me feel that much better,Well the doc told me i have not got a murmur i have a nose where the blood gos fast tho my heart and they said that was  And my heart is good they dont see no worry's!!!! When i get it in my head that im ok i can get on with life good and not get one flutter.....But im a worryer and also worry over bugger all, but this as really got to me i dont know why because i pretty hard person that will take on pretty much anything but i really did think   Maybe i should just try and not worry so much and move on with life.....easer said than done hey ..... But cindy thank you so so so so much you have made me feel so much better today xxxxxxxx
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