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heart issues

I don't know what proper terms to use with my heart, but I'll try to describe is as best as I can.

It started in high school about 5 years ago, I felt them every once and a while but I didn't think anything of it.  There are times when my heart flutters, I can be sitting there doing nothing and it will just kind of hit me for 10 - 15 seconds and then go away.  Most of the times it doesn't hit me unless I'm exercising or  doing something to raise my heart beet.  Actually, the first time it scared me I was climaxing (19 years old), my heart stopped for about 3 seconds, then it hit so hard it felt like it was going to pop out of my chest, and then pumped very fast for about 15 seconds, and it kept doing this for about a minute.  I calmed down, though nothing of it, and went on my day.  It hadn't happened much after that for a while.  A friend of my dads got my dad to start exercising by climbing stairs and I thought I would get in on it too.  We were trying to get my dad in shape for a kidney transplant.  I would go out and do the stairs with dad and things would be fine, for a while.  I was fine most of that year, at most I would just feel it twitch (PVC's ?) now and then.  I thought nothing of it, and well, winter came around and they shut down the park where the stairs were and I couldn't exercise there for a while.  come the next year, I had my liscense and decided to go do the stairs in the morning because it was cooler, less bugs, and I could come back home shower, then go to work.  Well, this is when it really started getting bad.  Out at these stairs I go to, there are 234 of them.  I run down them, run back up and try to do it as many times as I can.  Normally, the first time going out, I'll only be able to go up and down 2 - 3 times total.  I could do this in 30 - 45 minutes.  It would get better, I wouldn't try to do more, just faster, and once I hit about 20 minutes I would work out for 30 minutes (how ever many times It took going up and down to hit that mark) and eventually I could get up to the area of going up and down 5 or 6 times in 30 minutes.  Well, I was doing fine most of the year, but half way though it was getting bad.  I went out on a Tuesday, went up and down 4 times in 25 minutes, no problem, went home, rested on Wednesday, went out on Thursday.  I went down, then up, went down again, and not even a quarter of the way back up, my heart stopped again, similar to how it did before.  It stopped for 3 - 5 seconds, hit really hard, and then pounded/fluttered really quick and hard for like 15 seconds, and this went on for about 3 minutes.  I got very light headed when this happened and after it calmed down my chest hurt. I continued and went back up and figured I'd be alright because its never happened twice in one day, went back down, decided to take it easy going back up and it happened twice the next time on the way up, still just as bad.  The next time I went out again (the next Tuesday) it got so bad that I stopped after 2 times because I was so light headed.  I went to the doc, they made me run the treadmill, my heart didn't do what I was talking about so they didn't see what it was, said I was healthy and sent me on my way.  I'd just like to know what this is, and if its something serious to have it checked out again, or maybe see if there's some sort of device I can hook up to myself, go run the stairs, get my heart to do what its been doing, and show it to my doctor so he can see exactly what I mean.
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The doctor, at least a cardiologist (heart) doctor can prescribe a Holter monitor for you to wear for a 24 hour period, or longer if necessary.  It sounds like you can provoke the rhythm problem, so you should be able to catch it on a recording the first try.
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Great, thats good to hear.  I found a "USB watch heart monitor" that I was going to buy for 100 bucks but maybe I'll try taking that rout. I'll get it then go out and do the stairs (hopefully sweat wont make the sensors not work properly) and see about making my heart do that again.  Thank you for the suggestion!
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Hey...just wanted you to know I am going through the same thing, only mine happens when I am sitting...My heart literally STOPS long enough to have the blood feel like it drains out of my arms & legs...the Boom, it's back. Terrifying!!
I have had a monitor on for 3 weeks...last day is Friday. I guess they'll call me next week & let me know what's going on...I'll let you know what I find out since they're very similar to yours.
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Tonna, I will be interested in what your doctor says too.  I get that same type of episode a few times a year.  I do feel some kind of fluttering which makes me grab for my pulse.  There is no pulse and it seems like about 3 seconds before it kicks back in.  When it does kick back, it is always a fast heartbeat (PAT) that lasts for about a minute or two and then it switches back as fast as it started.   My doctor says not to worry (it has never been captured) but he thinks it is just time timing of the pvc prior to kicking off the PAT.  Whatever...I just hate that feeling.  It feels just as you said, like the blood drains out of me and I'm starting to fade.  Did this happen while you were wearing the monitor?
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Unfortunately it has only happened twice since wearing the monitor...It happened 3 times on the way to get it put on though...LOL! Isn't that how it always goes? I am SO scared it's just gonna stop & not start back up...It's a horrible feeling & I'd do anything to not have it happen again. That fading feeling wakes me up when it happens...
I've had palps before & they bug me sometimes but this is different. MUCH different. How scary to not feel a pulse...I HATE it...scares me talking about it...lol.
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Hey as long as it was caught once that should be good enough.
I know exactly what you mean about being very different than the daily pvc's, runs of pat etc..  When I don't feel the pulse, I jump up and start heading to the phone..my doctor said if I was really having a fatal arrythmia that I wouldn't be running anywhere  lol...
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