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heart murmur

i am 22 i was diagnosed with a heart murmur when i was fifteen after having my first child. the dr. said i have to get an antibiotic before giving birth or dental work or surgeries. since then i have had 2 more children. i also am a casual pot smoker. my heart feels like it beats faster and my chest discomfort seems worse after i smoke pot. will this kill me? is it the pot making my symptoms worse or my imagination?
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You should consult with a cardiologist regarding the use of antibiotics.  The guidelines changed about a year ago, and the results could affect whether you should premedicate (or not).  Please give your doctor's office a call.

As for the pot, that's another good question for the doctor.  Perhaps you could stop smoking and see how you feel.  Regardless, with 3 young children, talk with the doctor to be sure you are doing what's in all of your best interests.

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