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heart palpitations ,slight headache, chest and stomach discomfort

I am 42 year old male with no history of heart disease, drug abuse or any real health problems at all, I drink alcohol on occasion but not to excess and I have some history of anxiety, social anxiety and some general anxiety. Two months ago I woke up with some very bad stomach pain and indigestion with difficulty swallowing and loss of appetite that eventually had some great flutters when trying to sleep as well as chest pain. The palpitations occurred primarily when lying flat on my back or on my left side. I eventually went to the ER where they tested me, ekg, chest xray, blood and urine tests. The conclusion was just panic attack and anxiety but they didn't really explore the stomach issue at all so I went to the clinic and the doctor there told me to take zantac and see what happens. The symptoms gradually went away and three weeks ago I stopped taking the zantac and everything was fine. Doing some research I found that I might have a hiatal hernia but I have not had a chance to get tested due to holiday traveling. Last week my brother passed away due to an undiagnosed heart condition, probably as the result of many years of drug and alcohol abuse, but the stress and d fear and worry combined with the idea that the ER doctors missed his condition that was fairly obvious cashed the original symptoms to come back.I went back to the zantac and the stomach issues are resolving but the palpitations have gotten worse. They started walking me up at night with flutters (maybe pvc) every other or every third beat. These would happen whether I was laying flat or on either side or even propped up a little, they would stop as soon as I sat up our walked around but start up again as soon as I laid back down. The last four or five days I have had a low level headache with a pulsing feeling in my head and occasionally I can see and feel my heart beat in my stomach well lying down. Then last night they started happening even well I was sitting up but always when I am relaxed and my heart rate is lower, my resting heart rate is between sixty and seventy bpm and it doesn't increase when these things happen but I am pretty scared that something more serious than just the vagus nerve but being bumped or irritated by the stomach issue. I have an appointment this thursday with my doctor but I was wondering if I should go to the ER for this or just wait til my doctors appointment? I am trying to be relaxed because I know all of this could be stress and anxiety or just the hernia symptoms but I don't want to ignore something that could be dangerous
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Let me say I am so Sorry for the loss of your Brother, that a lone will cause anxiety and stress on your body.

Have you ever had paps before this or is this new ?  I have them and have for 30 years, sometimes they are hard beats sometimes tiny flutters but either way they are scary and can disrupt your life.

You need to go to a cardio dr and get peace of mind, and since your brother has passed with heart , I would have it checked out.   It sounds to me like harmless PVC/ PAC but go have a few test ran , like a stress test and a echo of the heart , just so when they show up again you will know your heart is healthy and try to keep living without the fear.

It's not easy to carry on with life while your heart is jumping all over the place, it scare me every time, I went to Er 2 months ago after 5 hours of many beats, they watched my heart  for another 5 hours and said harmless pacs go home , don't worry about them, I was having them every 4 th to 8 th heartbeat,hate when I have them so close and so many ,

Yes acid will up set them, do you burp when they flip or flutter?

Mine come and go whenever they want to , lots times I am not stressed but they show up for no reason, I have never been able to pin point why they came or why they left sudden, it's crazy

Take care of yourself, and keep in touch , Heart
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I had them once before after drinking a couple glasses of wine too soon before going to bed but they went away after a bit and didn't come back until this situation.. I don't burp but if they are sudden I cough a little. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts. I am definitely going to get checked out for this, and I am hoping it's not too serious. As long as it stays like this I can wait instead of going to the ER I hope
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I am really sorry to hear about your brother and the troubles you are having.

I am not a doctor, but this is what  think. You are going to be ok. You were checked out at the ER and appropriately mitigated your risks. You have some health concerns, but you have a doctors appointment scheduled. You are doing the right thing.

Some things you can do to reduce your anxiety. Light exercise, deep breathing, be with small group of friends or relatives, and stay hydrated. If you get chest pain go back to the ER, but otherwise, it sounds like excessive worry is your #1 enemy right now. You could consider gettin some support for your emotional issues if necessary. That might be a heavy load you have there.  If you are religious, I find that prayer also helps.

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