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heart palpitations

Hi. The other night I went to the ER because as I was falling asleep my throat started to feel really tight and my heart started beating really fast. I also got a weird tingly/burning sensation from my left shoulder up into the left side of my neck. When I got there they did an EKG which came back normal, but sent me for a chest x-ray just in case. I've been having heart palptations since december but never with the weird burning sensation, usually I get a brief moment where I have to catch my breath. The next day the doctor called back and said they found a nodule in my chest somewhere (he gave me no specifics) and said I'd need a CAT scan soon. Since then (its been a couple days) I keep having palptations and that burning/tingling sensation keeps coming back except now its spread through my entire neck area and up into my face a little. The left side of my chest has a dull pain to it sometimes, and my left arm does as well. The palpitations don't seem to bother me when i'm on the go, only when I'm laying down, relaxing, or sitting. My throat also feels swollen to me(don't know if its related)  I'm only 22 . My husband's deployed right now and I've got a three year old to take care of. I've got literally no one hear to help me. So I was wondering if this sounds like something serious or not, and if I should get on my doctors case about squeezing me into radiology sooner rather than later. (radiology is backed up by two weeks here) Also is it normal for me to feel my heart beat in the dip above my collar bone, because its really irritating, and i've had that feeling since my palpitations started. Hopefully someone will have some answers for me. Its really hard to explain over the internet so hopefully i also made sense.
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The nodule, I wonder if it might be a thyroid nodule. Your thyroid can cause all kinds of heart symptoms, and a thyroid nodule that is big enough can interfere with your breathing.  You should check out the thyroid forum.  On the other hand, some of the symptoms you describe also sound like an allergic reaction.  When I had an allergic reaction last year, I had a very distinct tingling/burning and my heart was beating fast.  As I discovered, you can have an allergic reaction to something that you have been exposed to all your life.  And it doesnt always have to be a major reaction; it might be as simple as your heart speeding up when you eat a food you are allergic to.  It is also something worth looking into.  

OK...now that I read some of this back,I realize that I am in no position to diagnose you or anything.  I am more or less just giving you some options to consider.  Ultimately, doctors know the warning signs to look for, and I am sure that yours is operating under the circumstances that he sees fit in your case.   Anxiety itself can cause all the symptoms you described above, and the problem may just be that.  If you read over some of my posts, you will see that I have been through a great deal trying to learn why my body acts the way it does.  Through that time, I have armed myself with a ton of research, and I am very active on this forum.  I have a learned a lot!  So..do some research (don't go overboard, though) and educate yourself about your symptoms.  I am sure that you will be fine in the end, but it is always wise to be a good advocate for your own healthcare.  PLease keep us posted when you find out more news!
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I just read over your post again, and I realize now that you are a military spouse!  Hey---me too!  And hubbys on deployment---been there, done that, and about to do it again (in a brand new duty station no less!)  If you need to talk or anything, please feel free to email me on here.  I know the struggles that you face...unfortunately, I do.  Also, check out the anxiety forum.  There are a lot of things you said that make me wonder if some of your symptoms are anxiety related.  

Take care!
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Thanks for replying. I've had a lot of family tell me it sounds like anxiety as well. If my hubby were here it wouldn't bother me so much, but since he's gone it makes it more stressful. lol, When the hubby's are gone - thats when things always go wrong. Today I'm feeling a little better thank goodness! I just want to get this over and done with. Autumnx you know what military doc's are like lol, sometimes its impossible to get be seen by them. Anyway, thanks for your advice and all that, and I'll keep you in mind if this deployment gets to be any more stressful. This is our first one so you know how that goes.
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OH wow---your first deployment...with a 3 year old...WOW!  My first BIG deployment was back in 2003, at the start of OIF I.  I remember that I was so stressed and scared.  Deployments are very very tough, and I wish I could say that they get easier.  My hubby has been non-deployable for the last 3 years, and now he is about to leave for Afghan again.  Even though I have already been through this at least 2 times before, I still suffer all kinds of anxiety symptoms.  I have noticed that my problems with a fast HR..especially at night...have gotten really bad since I found out when he might be leaving again.  When he is here and I get all anxious and feel bad, I can just tell him and he comforts me; thinking of him not being here to comfort me makes me kind of worried.  So...all in all, I know 110% that you are going through a very rough time, and I wish you all the best.  Just know, however, that there are so many of us out there who are going through similar things with our hubbys being deployed.  That always makes me feel better...to know that I am not alone :)  And, yes, I know all about the military docs...how you can never see them, and how some of them are not the best ones to see.  I have found that usually the nurse practioners at military hospitals are better caregivers.  Also, there are ways to make the process of getting seen go quicker. Just send me a message if you need to know.  I have been living this lifestyle for over 8 years and counting now, so I've learned a few useful things along the way ;)  

Take care and please contact me if you need anything.  We military spouses...so far away from home and family...must take care of one another! :)
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