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heart palpitations and chest pain

I am a 23 year old, overweight, female who just had a baby by c-section Feb. 26th.  After having him I had palpitations fairly frequently which would consist of shortness of breath and upper chest/throat tightness as well as being light headed.  I let my OB GYN know and she got me a holter monitor to wear.  The results were "nothing to worry about."  The palpitations eventually got fewer and fewer and are now almost gone completely. I might feel them once every few days or so.  About a week ago I started having some chest pain which was very mild and rarely happened. I also felt heavy chested and some slight pain down either arm(s) at times.  The chest pain was mostly on the left side and in the same area in my back but at other times it was on the right side. This pain never got any better or went away so I went to the ER and they did a 12 lead, troponin, and chest x-ray.  Everything was "normal" except for a 8mm nodule in my left lower lung.  They told me it was probably nothing and I should follow up with another x-ray to make sure the nodule doesn't change.  I am still having the chest pains a few days later.  They are not worse with activity or after eating.  No swelling in my legs.  No history of anything other than the c-section and tonsilectomy when I was a child. Nothing seems to make it better.  The majority of the time the pain and palpitations seem to come on in the evenings and at night.  They don't wake me up but they keep me from falling asleep because I lay there and worry about it.  I can't stop thinking about the pain being something serious.  I have to be healthy for my son!  It is driving me crazy not knowing what is wrong with me!  Any ideas on what's going on?
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Congratulations on your new son, I hope all is going well with him.  While our children are all grown and on their own, I do recall the major adjustment it took to adapt to having a child (children) to love and care for.  Focusing on that may help take your mind off of the heart senses.  I'm not suggesting anything here other than we all have anxiety and depression from time-to-time and I know this will many times cause heart symptoms.

It has been only two months since your son was born, I bet you are still going through the adjustment period.  Give that some time.

Most of us also struggle with weight control, and given your confession of being overweight I have to suggest too that weight reduction and a balanced diet that minimizes stomach acid may also help.
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