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heart pulpitation and pain

i get heart pulpitations ussually causeing panic attacks and accompanied by pain in left side of back under my shoulder blade and or front of chest around my sternum sometimes the pain feels like it is in my lungs as it hurts to breath exhaling it is a dull ache but sharp stabbing pain as i inhale i am 26 years old and generally in good shape i weigh 80 to 85 kg and im 6"4 i am a smoker but i also work out alot ne info would be appreciated
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one minute it is normal then next it goes so fast it feels like it is going to explode very scary i have an appointment with gp tomorrow so hopefully it not too severe been trying to put it off for fear of an unwanted answer i have a diary of eating and exercise im very physicaly strong and can run 10 km which is y i dont get wot is going wrong will post the docs results as soon as i get them
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Your problem doesn't sound normal to me, and I think you should discuss it with your doctor.  be sure to get the symptoms into a real context: what were you don't, just before, at and after the symptoms developed.  This includes what were you eating and drinking.  Were you physically active, or at rest... that sort of thing.

As for those out here in cyber-space, your description of "palpations" isn't specific enough to even try to relate to.  What is your normal resting HR, are the palps heavy but normal, or do they feel like they are "extra" pulses.
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