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heart rate problemw vs. anxiety

I'm just looking for answers.......how do you know if u have heart problems or its just anxiety????!  My heart rate will get elevated and it really scares me!!!  My regular heat beat is in the 90s but for the past couple of days my heart rate will increase 110-120 but it seems like after a period of time it will return to normal.  I don't get antithetical symptoms, I feel weird everday so that is not unusual for me.  I don't know if I'm blowing things out of proportion of if there is something I should be concerned about????  Ie there something I can do at home to determine if its just anxiety???   I brought it to my doctor an she seems to always say anxiety, but I feel like she sometimes just puts it off on my anxiety.  I would really like some advice!!
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I'm calling your hand.

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Problem lies between your ears.

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There are no heart problems that manifest the way you describe as far as I know. They either manifest with symptoms like chest pain and/or shortness of breath (organic heart diseases) or a heart rate irregular or far higher than you describe (arrhythmias).

That said, there are diseases that aren't heart related that can make your heart rate increase. Thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, to mention a few. But just from the way you write your post, your somewhat elevated resting heart rate and the way you describe your symptoms, it may be a good idea to accept your doctor's answer and work on your anxiety.

Why don't you adress that problem instead? :)
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Also, your problems can be caused by eating too large meals on an empty stomach, too much carbs, stimulants, dehydration, low blood pressure, etc. You can ask your doctor if some of those may apply to you.
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I guess u could say im afraid that there is something wrong with me and putting it all on anxiety just means its not addressing the real issue, does that make sense???  I guess I'm paranoid!!  Everyday I feel weird and when my heart rate goes up it makes me worse.  I'm terrified to take prescriptions!!  I think my doc is starting to think I'm crazy too.  I just don't know what to do, thinking u have a major health issue is not fun.
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I know. I've been there (and sometimes I'm still there..)

The problem is - stress, being afraid, anxious, etc. can cause a lot of physican symptoms. Sometimes, a minor (benign) health/heart issue, such as skipped beats, rapid heart rate, etc. is seriously worsened by the factors mentioned above (and often also caused by it).

We are not separated into one mind and one body. They work together - and affect each other. You don't imagine the symptoms, but paying attention to them will just make the problem worse (including finding causes, etc.)
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I understand what u are saying. I can go so long and not have the problem an then it hits me outta the blue an will b thr for a few days..... I also get a weird feeling in my upper stomach, its hard to explain not painful or constant just weird (butterflies??).  ...
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That may also be caused by a variety of conditions, and a classic sign of stress and anxiety. I assume you have mentioned to your doctor and I also assume the butterfly wings are not pulse synched (that your heart rate isn't that rapid).

Serious heart problems give symptoms like fainting, severe shortness of breath or severe chest pain. If you don't have any of those, you can and should more or less forget your heart and regard it as any other organ, like the liver or kidneys :)
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I would definitely look into stomach issues.  If you have some sort of acid reflux it can send all sorts of signals to the heart causing it to act up and beat fast.  Take some time to track when you feel the fast rate and flutters.  Is it after a meal, sometimes even up to a half hour after?  If so then take a serious look at your stomach as a possible cause to some of your symptoms.  Maybe try some OTC acid reducers and if that helps go see your doctor to get your stomach evaluated.  Take care.
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I totally get what your saying but i guess for me its hard to deal with!!!  I have any appointment with my doc on Wednesday, are there test or anything you would recommend me getting to easy my mind???  I know he his giong to blood work, my potasium is sometimes low.  thanks for all your help and speaking to me!!
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I do have to take otc meds for my stomach quite often.  They have never really said much about my stomach but going to bring it up!  thanks for your advice!!
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OK i get what your saing but no need to be so HARSH!!  I am obviously looking for help and reassurance not negativity!  What one person can handle doesnt always mean another can....
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Treat the anxiety and see if that helps.
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