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heart rate while walking

i have a history of heart palpitations normal sinus rhythm when i go walking my heart rate climbs up around 130 also when i walk up stairs and stays around 100 when i am sitting watching TV is this anything that i should be worried about already have had several ekg and chest x-ray
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If you're heart rate were to go up from 100 to 130 after standing up for at least a minute or two and it is determined you aren't having this because of inadequate hydration or iron deficiency anemia, you might ask the doctor if you could get a tilt table test to explore whether you might have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.  My memory says normal resting pulse rate is considered 60-100.  But I think guys are supposed to have a bit slower rate than girls normally.  

It is normal of course to have your heart rate go up with exercise, but if you are just casually walking at a slow pace and it jumps up like this and you aren't out of shape or dehydrated or don't have iron deficiency anemia, you might still ask about the tilt table test.
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