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i am taking toprol xl 25 mg (half in am and half in pm.  it seems to be working on bp but when i am up on my feet heart rate goes to 100-115.  why isn't it working on hr.  i have afib, and have had sudden death, i have an icd defibrillator and have cardiomyopathy but have gotten better ef is noe 65 (had cf)
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OK I am not a doctor here, just reacting to what I think I am reading, but wow. Am I reading this correctly.  Your ef has gotten better and is now 65%? hmmmm.  I think I would be happy. Also 25mg seems like a small dose, and if your heart rate isn't running too slow at rest, perhaps your doctor would recommend a slight increase in your toprol? Boy this seems like a trivial dose. How do you feel about all of this? (I assume you feel pretty good, except for slight heart rate elevation you mentioned).
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Yes, 25mg cut in half is a very small dose, perhaps too small to make a significant effect.  But another question, why are you cutting Metoprolol Succinate in half?  The whole idea of Toprol XL is to allow extended release.
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Oilurt, do you have a pacemaker with defibrillator, or just the defibrillator? The reason I'm curious is that people that have demand pacemakers will have their heart rate maintained at a certain point if their heart rate drops too low. Taking too much of a Beta Blocker can drop your heart rate, with a demand pacemaker, it would be assured to be maintained at a certain rate. Also, your doctor may have choosen your dosage based on your conditions, not simply rate control, I would discuss this with your doctor.

Tom_h, It took while, but I did find references to Toprol XL being given in divided doses. I take Atenolol twice a day, though technically it's designed for once a day dosing as well. My heart would pound towards evening when I only took it in the morning, twice a day eliminates that.
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hi,yes i have a pacer with defib and it is set at 60. what happened is my bp was going very low for months after being on coreg for years and accuprill too and i was feeling bad palps in chest once in awhile so i finally asked if i had afibd to there surprise my machine had recorded episodes, they thought i was reacting to the alpha in coreg and put me on toprol xl but the first day i guess the half pill wasn't enough and i had severe afib that went through the av node and caused a ventricular tach attack and i was on the floor with my defib bombing my chest.  now i take half two hours apart and still my heart rate goes high when i am up,but bp goes low and i go very low at night as soon as i put my feet up. i fluctuate all day. something isn't working right or i am going to look into parathyroid or calcium troubles
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If you feel there is any chance that your calcium levels are not correct, you need to have that addressed immediately. My thyroid was taken out for cancer, the doctor went to great pains to verify calcium levels and I was kept an additional day (the parathyroids were left intact but it was not known if they would be functional, which, thank goodness, they were.
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