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I had a heart abaltion in 2007.. my dr.. "fixed" the problem.. i was having a lot of pounding and palpatations... now i am having problems again..they went back in and did another EP study and didn't find anything wrong with my so called wiring.. i went to my gyno and he listened to my heart and stopped and said i need to see a heart dr, i told him that i already had one and he said to him  it sounded like couplets.. my heart dr wants to put me on a 30 day monitor..but i always feel dizzy latley, tired and out of breath, more and more.. should i do the monitor or should i seek a 2nd opinion??? i'm glad that my gyno validated my feeling...help???
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I agree with Frenchie.  I've often heard of EP docs being unable to recreate in the lab what a patient is experiencing outside of it.  Just the nature of this beast.  But an event monitor would be a good idea.  Were you feeling the palpitations when your gyno was listening to your heart?  If you coudln't feel them but he could hear them, catching them on the event monitor might be harder to do.  You might ask if they have the type of event monitor where the data is constantly transmitted via wireless connection to a staffed monitoring station - that way someone else is watching your heart 24/7, and if you have a problem that you can't feel, they can see it and give you a call.

But like Frenchie said, couplets aren't supposed to be a big deal in an otherwise normal heart.
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Sounds like the 30 day event monitor is the next step.  I would just go ahead and let your doctor order it rather than start over with a new doctor.  This way, if anything presents itself you will know sooner rather than later.  You know, feeling dizzy, tired and out of breath could be nothing more than the anxiety you are feeling over the heart skipping again after having peace for 2 years.  That happens to me too.  We can have such long periods feeling really good that anytime the skips start up again it is like starting over.  The same rush of emotions and fear come right back.  It is amazing and quite a downer, to have to in a sense "start over' just to get the reassurance we need for everything to settle down.  (until the next time  lol)
Don't worry too much.  If it is couplets, I'm told it still isn't life threatening if you have a normal heart.  Which you do based on your latest EP study.
Take care
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