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I am a 31 year old female who had heart palpations every since I was a kid recently they have pick quite a bit and it is starting to scare me I went to my md and they ran all sorts of tests they even told I might have to wear a device to pinpoint exactley when I have them since nothing showed up on my test. I am5'5 135 pounds and I keep my self in shape but the other day it skipped beats so many times my chess started to ache. I went the dr and again nothing I am not stressed just woried am I being parnoid?
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Do you think you have these episodes every day? If so, the type of monitor your doctor might want you to wear is called a holter monitor which will record what your heart is doing over a 24 hour period.

If you think your episodes don't occur everyday, your doctor might want you to wear an event monitor. You can wear it daily (taking it off for showers and such) for 30 days, and if you feel any symptoms you hit a record button on the unit and it will record what your heart was doing 45 seconds prior to the event and an additional 15 seconds after. This is helpful for people whose palpitations occur periodically and are harder to capture on a single test like an EKG.

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You are not being paranoid, get one of the monitors that upbeat633 suggested. The information from these monitors will easy your mind. Have you been to a cardiologist? If not your family Dr can order the tests from a cardiologist. My skipped beats cause my chest to ache sometimes. My Dr told me to take advil, 3 times a day for 3 days for the pain, it helps. He said it's not heart pain it's chest wall pain. But thats me, you need to be sure why your having pain, a cardio will be able to determine that.
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