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holter again?

halo,yes i do have an 24 hour holter monitor again on monday,as previously i had 2 of those 24hr holter back 2 years ago and it show perfectly normal.Earlier this year around march i started having palpitations during intense exercise such as football so i went to ER and EKG and full bloodwork is normal and was refer to the cardiologist once again.

Cardiologist order an ECG stress test and i managed to do around 7 mins of exercise till stage 3 i think.Result was prefectly normal,blood pressure response is normal and no irregular rhythm but then the cardiologist insist i repeat the test as he insist i should stay much longer on the threadmill to see if anything happen at the peak exercise,so a retest was done 2 weeks later and it was normal again.So he said its okay to do exercise again and resume my outdoor exercise.And Echo was redone it shows 55% Ejection fraction,was told is normal.No LVH and no dystolic function,and finally it stated good systolic LV function and good ru function.so was told echo is total normal.
So the final test is a 24 hour holter,i previously had 2 of them done around 2 years ago and it was normal,
so is it necessary to go for the holter again? Not really liking it as the last time i had this holter test i couldnt sleep well with all those wires attached to the chest and couldnt sleep side way too because i am afraid the cables might fall off.
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I would say doing the test is completely up to you.  Are you having excessive symptoms beyond what you had when you wore the holters 2 years ago?  Why did the doctor order the holter?  In any event, if this helps to determine what the state of your health is then just remind yourself that this is only for 24 hours.  It will pass before you know it.  But if you do get it and your main issue is when you exercise I would for sure exercise to try and capture the problem or the test really won't reveal a thing anyways.  Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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Probably some PACs caused by adrenalin. You are young and you've been tested a lot. If you feel fine, I would've waited. If you have symptoms like dizziness or series of ectopic beats, its different..
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Hi,i think the cardiologist just want to repeat the test just to make sure everything its ok,but he already mentioned all is good after stress test and echo was normal.

To : is something wrong - i do think PAC induced during exercise due to adrenalin but during ecg stress test theres none,it seems the heart noes how to behave when its being monitor by the ekg machine,lol.

I maybe will see how it goes,yeah 24 hr holter isnt that bad compare to those 48hrs holter,the only annoying thing is those cables and its very inconvenient for me at work since i have am a mechanical engineer and i have to be out on the site most of the time? by the way both u guys ever that that 24 hour holter done so far? how did u managed to sleep with it?
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I had a 24 hour holter once and did find it a bit annoying but I just did the best I could sleeping on my back.  It wasn't the best route though for me as I was trying to catch an svt and had an episode the day before I got the monitor but not the day I wore it so all they caught were some pacs and pvcs.  I then went 3 years before I went back to the cardiologist and that time got a 30 day event monitor which was much less cumbersome to wear and after a couple of weeks got an episode recorded.  So the holter really isn't the best test unless a person has daily symptoms otherwise you are just hoping something happens which usually makes it not happen.  This is why I stated if you got it to try and do what you do to get it going on your own since it likes to be on it's best behavior in front of the doctor. Good luck.
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A bit of update,yesterday saw my cardiologist and the 24 hour holter came back totally normal,not even a single pvc or pac.He said this is very good result.Provided my 2 months ago Echo,ekg stress test and blood work are normal,he said i dont need to see him for now and just came back to see him once the palpitation or dizziness worsen.I guess the result is very reassuring then.
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That is good news.  It sounds like your heart in general is doing just fine.  It may not be perfect and will likely beat strangely from time to time but overall it sounds like your heart is managing to work just fine.  Well stay strong and trust that your heart is going to keep on beating for a very long time.  Do keep us posted on how you are doing.
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