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holter monitor results

Results from 48 hr holter monitor read as follows:

1. Sinus rhythm at rates of 50 to 107 with normal PR Interval and normal QRS duration.
2. Very frequent supraventricular ectopy occurred as isolated beats, couplets, one triplet and bigenimy.
3. Very rare ventricular ectopy occurred as one isolated beat.
4. Patient reported no symptoms.

Please explain this to me in layman terms.

Thanks you.
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A lot of premature atrial contractions.  Google "premature atrial contractions" for more info than you can shake a stick at.

"Isolated" are PACs that happened at least > 4 beats apart.    Couplets means two PACs right in a row.  A triplet is 3 PACs in a row.  Bigeminy means some PACs were happening every other beat.

The rest is just normal.  

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