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holter results

1 year ago i had holter montor where i had less than 50 PVC,in summary i guess its what program writes was written vt tachycardia but in doctors conclusion there was no word about v-tach only PVC,im kinda afraid did doctor missed or just it was not importnat so he did not said to me anything? after 3 months i did another this time i had no v-tach even in holter program summery,does doctor read holter results or summary is always right?
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I can't say if the doctor missed anything or not but the main thing to know is that in a otherwise healthy heart VT is really not a danger.  So if your heart is healthy otherwise and you do not have troubling symptoms with your pvcs like severe chest pain or passing out it is very likely the ectopic beats you feel are not a danger to you.  Just watch your stress and anxiety, avoid caffeine, sugar and carbohydrates, manage stomach issues like acid reflux and stay hydrated and you may be able to lessen the amount of extra beats you are having.  Try to not worry.  That will just make them flare up more.  Especially in light of a second holter that showed no concern.  Take care.
i have trivial mitral regurgitation
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Some MV Regurgitation is very common and doesn't impact you other concerns, I believe.  
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i was told that sometimes holter program auto-detect reads wrong thats why doctor check than so it was just holter error?
I am sure there are some instances where it misreads especially in instances where there may have been noise like if the wires were compressed during sleep or something.  I wouldn't worry about it if the doctor wasn't
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