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how low the heart rate will cause sudden death?

My heart rate sometimes is low around 36, 37...and blood pressure around 155/ 95 in the mornings. Can it cause sudden death during I am sleeping in the night because the heart rate maybe much lower than 36 in my sleeping.
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Hi. You give no other indicators like your age, or other things that may affect heart rate.  I will say, in my experience, that that rate is too low, even for an athlete.  I would see your doctor as soon as possible.  The heart rate can drop if the BP is high, but It is still too low for most people.  If your doctor thinks it is warranted, they can put a pacer in to make sure it beats within normal limits.  Good luck.
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i am 82 years hold and my heart rate at 6.am is dow to 33 beats,i take alprozalan 1 mg at bed time.the cardiologist says,its normal for my age.i dont accept his diagnosis i had ecg hand the diagnose was bradycardia.iwent for a thyroid test and my tsh was 4.9 and the parameter is0.2 to 5.00 yet i was refused treatement,but with the diet i brought my
tsh down to 2.9,i am satisfied,if i were you i would look inti thyroid.

good luck.

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That is why I asked the age.  Sometimes doctors WILL let a very low heart rate for people over a certain age.  I don't really agree, unless you feel okay with it.  I have seen that many times.
I'm 52 years old. I've got severe arotic valve leak. All valves leak a little. High blood pressure hard to control. Heart rate drops to 30-50. Extra heart beats. Having chest pain and breathing is difficult at times. Breathing gets worse during simple activities. When trouble breathing become hoarse. Should I be worried
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I agree with RNRita.  the 30s are pretty low.  Even more so, a bp of 155/95 is one that should be corrected.  Many a bp med will drop your rate.  You may find yourself symptomatic if that were to happen.  I didn't feel too good when my medicines to slow my rate brought it down that far.  (It had dropped ~150 bpm)  Shortly after that, the rate was 0!  Luckily, I was at work and they gave atropine and paced me back.  That is definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time (by the grace of God).  Check into the pacer if anyone is concerned with you.  For me, it has been the highlight of 2008.  I really recommend them.  Good luck.
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I wonder about my Cardiologist.  When I told him I did not want to take BP lowering meds (Atenolol) because my blood pressure normally runs 110/65 or below when at rest and pulse at rest is normally 57.  He just shook his head and said he wasn't worried about my pulse and rate dropping too low because "normal" pulse can drop to 23 when we are asleep.
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23!!!  That is WAY too low....who is this man named Dr...LOL.
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LOL...I hear ya!  :  )
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Nope..23 is not normal for sleep.  I worked on a telemetry unit and we had beepers.  If that were true, they would have beeped ALL NIGHT LONG!  lol
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Hello,  I am 29 female and I have had a two week heart monitor on, I am currently still waiting for results (4 weeks later).  I went to my GP and asked him to look at my results and he said he was concerned as my pulse was dropping to 36.  He said I need to wait to hear from my cardiologist, but I am concerned now.  Should I be taking any action while I am waiting?
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My doctor told me that an extremely low heart rate can cause a stroke.  My bpm used to drop to below 30 while sleeping and was only in the 40's & 50's while up & about.  My blood pressure is also quite low.  Sometimes, while running, my bpm will be only 100 but, I go the other way too, sometimes it's over 200.  I didn't know it was a problem until my son almost died from sudden death and then while researching this, we found we have a heart defect.  I have an ICD for this defect so my heart rate doesn't go below 60 now and, I will get shocked if it goes over 205.  Probably worth checking into why it's so low and what meds can do for it.
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