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how to deal with pvc

Hi guys,

Last night was a very bad night with pvc's for me.  They felt nonstop for hours.  I was worried I wouldn't make it throught the night.  This is all new to me and I am trying my best to deal with it.  How do you just ignore it?  How do you know if the pvc's are becoming dangerous?  
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Sorry to hear you have to deal with PVC's.  I can't ignore them but I try not to get into a downward spiral of anxiety.  I've been told not to worry about them, thats really is not possible. It's an unreasonalbe request, you can't get away from them. How can you not worry about your heart, when it beats so irradically. The thing is you have to learn to manage them. Like any kind of chronic situation you have to learn to manage it.  Positive thinking and meds can help. Try to find something that works for you.  I tried lots of meds, some with not so great reactions, but you have to try something. It would be wrong to tell someone to ignore there migraines or any other situation that is "not going to kill you".  I just have to accept that this is me, they take the joy out of everything I do. (I have had PVC's non-stop for 2 years everyday all day, so I am just a little bitter).
I don't know how to tell if they are becoming dangerous. Just like anything in life, who knows what might happen. I just try to deal with what I have and not get to much into the what ifs.
I hope that all our  PVC's go away, soon!
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It's hard to know if the pvcs are becoming dangerous, unless you've had all the usual tests that say they are just pvcs. Have you had an echo, ekg, holter monitor?

I have had several bad days, bad nights, and like artskip, it's been non-stop pvcs daily at very high frequency for at least two years. Oh, what I wouldn't give to go back to the days when I had only 10,00/day. I didn't know how good I had it lol

They only suggestion I can make, because you really can't get away from them, is to find something that you enjoy doing while they are happening. If you can distract yourself long enough you will find that your task at hand is more prominent in your mind than the pvcs. They may still be there, but occupying your mind with something else is helpful. Of course, if you are trying to sleep and the pvcs are preventing rest, you must repeat to yourself over and over, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok. Do you know any meditation techniques, deep breathing or visualization?
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Thanks for your help.  I have had all the work up 2 years ago when I started with sinus tach.  My pvc recently started after I was given generic toprol. I was hoping that was the problem, but they haven't gone away.  I went to the cardiologist who said the cure is worse than the symptom.  He put me on a holter and said they were begnin.  He did not feel the need to  rerun all the other tests.  I read all the posts and I know I should be grateful that I don't have them non stop all day.  6 months ago I was worried about my rapid heart rate.  I think I would rather have that!
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One thing that seems to exacerbate PVC's for me is a lack of sleep.  And when you worry about the PVC's all night, you are not sleeping, which just makes them worse the next day.  It's kind of the same feed back loop as anxiety.  You get the PVC's, you get anxious, it causes more PVC's and you get more anxious.

Try to make sure that you get some sleep.  If you have been told that all is well and that the PVC's are benign, then try to relax.  If you cannot do so, you may consider taking ONE Tylenol pm and allowing yourself to fall asleep.  Getting plenty of rest really does help alleviate some of the PVC's...at least that seems to be the case for many of us anyway.
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Thanks,  You are right, I did not sleep much last night and they were much worse today.
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Lack of sleep also increases my pvcs as well as getting in the anxiety loop. What I have been trying to do when they happen at bedtime is either get out of bed and watch something on tv to take my mind off of them.. or I listen to music on my ipod and imagine myself on a beach or someplace serene.

I also don't snack a lot in the evening .. no carbonated drinks since they seem to make them worse at nighttime.  The trick is to find a method of changing your focus that works for you. :-)

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