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how's the HB when you experiencing PVCs and hot weather

This problem has been on and off bothering and scaring me.  I've had sonos, Holters(last Nov), event recorders(Jan)and telling me I have few PVC, recently, I don't know if it because of the sithering heat, I FEEL MORE than I can tolerate(not to say that I have handle them well already).  I constantly feel my pulse, hastely feel my pulse whenever I have the RUSH AND TINGLING sensations and thud in throat which I BELIEVE are the PVC/PAC signs.  These days, they are driving me nuts.  Do you feel PVC/PAC more often in hot weathers?  My pulses are usually between 55-75 when I feel PVC/PACs.  How many are yours? Do you feel it more when before bedtme and resting?  Do you feel it when you lower your head to read?
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make sure you drink plenty of water avoid tea and caffeine, choc, alcohol, i know how you feel, i check my pulse too and we need to stop because it will only make us worse, i get pvcs when im due on, when i squat down and when im stressed i get them bad, we need to ignore them as feeling our pulse and waiting for the next one will make them worse, ignore them let them happen and you will not notice them at all, i feel them at bedtime when im resting too
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Oh, I so wish I could quit checking my pulse.  I drive myself crazy.  The other night I was sitting there watching tv, checked my pulse and thought it felt a bit fast...it was 70bpm!! Felt like an idiot!   We are definitely  our own worst enemies!
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