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i still woried

i got my ekg results today and they are normal, no w i feel better but im worried that an ekg does not check you fully. When i put my hand on my left side of chest i feel a like a flowing or spray or like a soft grating but i feel no pain at all. and since im skinny i can see my heart beat. what should i do should i get an echo diagram.

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I fully believe that you are fine and so do your doctors.  Now you have to believe it.  I am very thin at the top of my body and I can also see my heart beating.  I can also see it on all three of my children.  It is perfectly normal if you are thin to be able to see it.  I think if it would put your mind at ease and you can go on and live normally again, you should talk to your doctor about an echo.  Let them know how anxious you are and that it would help to reassure you.  Hopefully they will order that test for you.  You should check out the anxiety forum on medhelp and also maybe check out some books at the library dealing with health anxiety.  Good luck to you and keep us posted.  
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thanks you are right i should get a book on the matter
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I started worrying about my heart at about the same age as you are. I was introduced to an awareness of my heart because of PVCs. (Premature Ventricular Contractions). No matter how much my Family Doctor told me that I did not have any problems, I would not believe him. I believed it must be something more serious. I'm 50 years old now, so that means I started worrying in 1972. I'm still here. I still worry. At this point, it seems that way back in 1972, my Family Doctor was right. It wasn't anything serious.

My Cardiologist  keeps telling me that my PVCs are nothing to worry about.  He recently had a temper tantrum on me when I called about couplets that I was getting one morning, he said that it is not significant. I trust my Cardiologist, he studied under a famous Cardiologist here in Pittsburgh at the hospital world renowned for its work with heart patients. When I first visited him, he laid the Stethoscope on my chest and listened without touching the head of the Stethoscope. My wife works for him and has seen him do this many times. He heard the MVP that I have, and listening this way allows him to hear without making any noise with his hands. I have MVP but there is no concern about it, many people have it.

Doctors don't just rely on the EKG to make an evaluation of your heart. Listening to how it works can help them understand things about it. They can hear problems with the valves, they can hear rubbing sounds. If they hear problems, they will order more tests. Doctors also take serious note of your symptoms. (Pain, fainting, dizziness, etc.)  

It seems to me that they have listened to your heart, taken an EKG, and noted your symptoms, and they feel you are healthy. This is very good. Though the internet is full of stories where a Doctor missed something, it is not full of the even more common stories of when they found something. If more than one Doctor has looked at your test results, are aware of your symptoms, and have listened to your heart, with each additional Doctor the chances of you having something that they missed becomes ever so small. (remember that I too did not believe my Doctor, and this was in 1972. He was right.)

Anxiety has terrible effects on the heart. Not serious, but the ability to cause odd feelings and racing of your heart is a very common sign of anxiety. Your Body has what is known as an Autonomic Nervous System. Autonomic means that you have no conscious control over it. The autonomic nervous system has two major sides, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic makes your heart go faster when needed, like when you are afraid, and the parasympathetic makes it go slower, usually after the fear about something has gone away. Anxiety and stress can temporarily upset the natural balance between these two systems. You may have your heart beat fast easily due to fear, but the natural ability for your body to slow the heart may not be working as well as it should. (a temporary thing due to anxiety).

My wife had the oddest thing happen to her years ago. Her heart would speed up and then go very slow. I rushed her to the Emergency Room. I sat and watched the EKG Monitor as her pulse would go from over 100 down to 50 in seconds. Of course I thought the worse. The Doctors watched her for about an hour and then told us it was just anxiety. They sent her home. She never had the problem recur. Anxiety can cause many symptoms that seem like they must be dangerous but are not.

I am glad your tests are normal. Please be aware of the effects that anxiety can cause.

Be happy and healthy.
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wow, what happened to your wife has happened to me several times. I suffer from anxiety and can usually relate the episodes to feeling anxious.
I have suffered with palps for about 12yrs ( I am 35 not) but this passed yr they have hit me hard. My anxiety has been up and I had a difficult yr last yr.
I notice my heart rate is hight a lot. I had a hoter done a few months ago that caught palps and tachycardia. The cardiologist recommended a beta blocker but my PMD said to take Zoloft which I did not. I have been considering it though because I think about my heart rate adn palps all the time. Which probably makes the symptoms worse. I just wish they would disappear. I have them daily.
thought you may have some advise.
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GREAT explanation from Artaud!!  He told the story for many of us pvc'ers!  The anxiety can actually be much more debilitating than the benign pvcs.  Trust your doctor and find ways to get past the anxiety.  If you develop new and concerning symptoms, check them out, but be prepared to move on if you are given a clean bill of health.  Hope you're feeling better today.
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yeah im ok but im worried because  when i feel my chest with my hand i feel on my hand  like a soft grating or raspy flow
but only on one part, what can it be, it happens when the heart expands
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