I had a ICD put in my left chest on 1/16/09.  I still feels pain, soar, and mumb on my left side.  I cant used my left hand too much because of the pain.  Any suggestion ????  Thanks.
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I have not read anything that would say your situation is normal, that is I think something should be done by your doctor to relieve your suffering.

My sister has a pacemaker,and a neighbor has a ICD, neither have any ongoing physical discomfort from the implant.  
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Hi, I had my ICD implanted in January also and I have not had real pain in the area of the ICD since about 4-5 weeks post implant. I would call your doctor as soon as you can to see what it going on. Is there any redness or oozing from the incision? If there is, you need to get this looked at right away.
There should be no numbness except maybe directly on the incision. You should also have been able to use your hand since immediately after the implant.
Best bet is to get this checked out soon.
Good luck
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Definitely see your cardiologist (in my uneducated opinion). My aunt received a pacemaker last week and was in terrible pain shortly after. She went to Urgent Care where they took an x-ray and said all looked fine. That night she had to call an ambulance and go to the ER because of the pain. They took another x-ray and said it looked good, but then they did a CAT scan and found that one of the leads had actually moved, and it went through her heart! Today they fixed it, replaced one of the leads and they think the pain will not come back.  

Things can happen, so make sure everything is okay. That's my only experience with pacemakers (or ICDs - are they similar enough?), an unusual situation but apparently such things do happen. Find out what's going on!
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