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I have been on inderal for over 40 yrs with great success. However, tachicardia and arrythymia seem to be starting to come back and I am on the highest dose of 160mg in am and 160mg in pm. Doctor advised switching to 100 mg metoprolol 2xday with 0.125 digoxin 1xday for 5 days. Did not help - so I went back to Inderal but not completely eliminating the problem. Extra beats still couple times a day with rapid beats. Always feel uncomfortable, unrelaxed, shaky and nervous. Do you think ablation would be helpful. Doctor has not suggested it but I have been researching it.Thank you for your quickest response. By the way, Inderal helped migraines and when on other meds, I retained water.

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Sounds like you have a history of responding well to medications for arrhythmia, so looking for a new one that works seems a good strategy.  I don't know "ideral", has it been available for 40 years?  If yes, there are many newer ones available, not sure newer is better, but worth a look.

I consider Metoprolol mainly a blood pressure and heart rate lowering drug, not particularly good for arrhythmia.  Maybe that is what the digoxin is for.  I have taken Propafenone and Rhythmal (similar) - and while they have (guess) helped me maintain sinus rhythm, they have never converted me to sinus, it has always taken other measures, electrocardioversion, in my case.  Unfortunately, electrocardio.. no longer works on me.
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