anyone do inhalers that dont cause heart to race
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thank ya so much you dont know how much better i feel, i have had asthma  that came from a cold in oct i still have it because am so scared to use a inhaler, i have pac and papations ,racing heart so i would not do it i felt last night like i was ubder water but it got better am wheezing only at night when laying down, dr says this will go away and that i dont have  asthma that i will need a inhaler everyday, but that i need to use to get over this i was hoping it go away on its on but after last night i see its still with me this is going on 3 months. i have the xopenex hfa 45mcg one and she just gave me the flovent 110 i have not got filled so looks like i can use either right. tanks again you dont know how releif i feel.
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I use advair twice a day and Xoponex when needed for asthma attacks.
Neither one makes my heart race.

I used to take albuterol for fast acting inhaler, but my cardiologist changed me to the xoponex because it is easier on heart patients.
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The inhaled steroids won't cause the heart to race. I have QVAR (beclomethasone) that is a steroid. The quick relief inhalers like albuterol will have an adrenergic effect and cause the heart rate to increase temporarily. My HR increase usually lasts about 15 minutes.

I see that Flovent and Advair are both steroidal inhalers.
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I use advair twice a day and combivent when my asthma kicks in and i don't notice much racing when i use em
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I have asthma and take Flovent 2xday and used to take Combivent as needed. My Dr switched me from Combivent to Atrovent. With Atrovent, I find that it doesn't cause my heart to race as much as it did when using the Combivent.
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