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irregular heart beat and hawthorne berry treatment

i have atrial fibrillation and am on heart pressure and heart pills.  i also take prozac.  i would like to know whether
hawthorne berry treatment which i am about to start taking for the atrial fibrillation  would have any ill affects mixed
with prozac.  i have already researched that hawthorne berry tincture has no bad interactions with any heart
medicine treatments.  would i still have to take baby aspring each day if I am on the hawthorne berry treatment.
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Agreed, and by all means keep taking the aspirin (I assume from the little you've told us that you are not on an anticoagulant such as Warfarin).  The most serious threat we AFib sufferers are exposed to is clot formation and the possibility that will cause a stroke.  Aspirin will reduce the  risk, an anticoagulant will reduce the risk further.
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Its simple....that question needs to be asked of your heart doctor or the pharmacist....
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