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is being in bradycardia good for me?

i'm 30 yrs old but having a stressful life has led me to having tachyarrhythmias for a long time and it makes me feel like crap all the time. i can not even walk up a flight of stairs without being very short of breath. i am prescribed atenolol and clonidine and i finally decided to take more dosages than prescribed. i took 100mg of atenolol and 0.2 of clonidine at once. my heart rate is 44 bpm and my blood pressure is 100/69. this is the lowest that i can remember these readings ever being. i only feel very lethargic and sleepy and like i am about to lose consciousness,but honestly,i do not mind that..it is much better than being tachycardic. i will not see a cardiologist for a week,so i am wondering to those who have experience,can you tell me..is being bradycardic,even with symptoms,better off for me in terms of making my general health better?? thanks!
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I guess it depends on what your normal resting heart rate is. I used to dip into the low 40s, even high thirties when I'd convert from a-fib to nsr, loaded up with beta blockers to control the a-fib. Never caused me any distress and my doctors said it was ok. Not recommending it but it may not be a serious problem for you. See your doctor to be sure and don't change meds without discussing it with him. I'm guessing there's no issue with bp of 100/69. Many people would be happy with that number. Again, consult your doctor.
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I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time with your tachycardias. That kind of a hr is tooo low. If I were you I would call someone right away to see what's going on. You don't want to lose consiousness and fall and hurt yourself. Also, you don't want to change your dosage for your meds without a doctor's recommendation. That could be pretty scary. Hope someone is there with you.
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