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is my heart in danger

I am 29 yrs old and have suffered from bulimia for yrs now and it has gotten severe over the last few yrs. I now have constant rapid heart rate and a few days ago my dr. sent me for an ekg the findings showed rapid heart beat and an enlarged upper chamber and have been referred to a cardiologist. neither dr. knows of my bulimia. what is going on with my heart? What should I expect to happen and am i at risk of surgery or death?
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Your doctors need to know about your bulemia, there is no other way around that.  that is the only way you are going to get help.  Yes, bulemia increases your risk of heart problems.  I am not sure why your heart rate is fast or why your chamber is enlarged.  The obvious underlying problem that needs to be corrected is bulemia.  Please talk to your doctors about this.
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The good doctor is right.  You could have mineral imbalances and a whole host of other things from the eating disorder that can affect your heart.  You need to get help very very soon for your ED.  
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The EKG findings could be from an electrolyte or mineral imbalance (which is very common with eating disorders)

You really need to see someone about your bulimia as it can be very hard and dangerous on your body, also I am sure you use things like laxatives as well which over time can cause changes to your GI tract.

Like the good doc said you can't treat your heart correctly untill you correct the bulimia, it would be like putting a bucket on the floor because you have a leaky ceiling, you have done nothing to fix the underlying problem.
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Yes, Moon123 ""PLEASE"" tell your Doctors about your bulimia...
There was a great singer with a voice of an angel who died of anorexia
not quite the same as bulimia,It's in the neighborhood but not the same
street but really close though if you know what I mean... Karen Carpenter
died at 33 years old of "heart failure" after 10 yrs of anorexia nervosa
(starving yourself to death). MOON123 Please listen to the Doc. Here and
tell your GP's. Them not knowing this information could be catastrophic.
There is a webb site for this problem and anorexia. I think Richard Carpenter
has funded one of these sites as well. If you need someone to talk to you can
email me. t(dot)thurston(at)comcast(dot)net...
I don't mean to scare you but hopefully this can be corrected soon as possible.
Hope to here from you soon...

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PLEASE TELL YOUR DOCTORS HONESTLY ABOUT YOUR BULIMIA...I am sure they only want your best health interests and probably already know about your bulemia from medical testing.

I lost my sister to bulemia at age 44, 3 years ago next month.  She struggled for 20 years and had no idea that the laxatives could do such harm to her body.

Please do something loving and kind for your body and tell your doctors.
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