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is resting pulse rate of 53 to 55 when you first wake up okay or is it to low?

I am 63 year old male 5 foot 8 and 215 pounds, lost 45 pounds the last three years by walking everyday (just started jogging the last mile) i am dieabitic well controlled last a1c was 5.4 . do take atenolol 50 mg for high BP, but not in tell I have been up a couple hours. thanks for your help
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I agree, and note the beta blocker (BP pill) will lower heart rate.  But the below 60 rate is great to my knowledge.  Congratulations on the weight loss.  I'm now a senior and afib prevents me from running or even jogging.  But, in my middle age to 65 years I went from walking to 3 miles in 30 minutes (6 mph average) and think it helped me control weight and made any physical activity easier.  Keep it up!
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Should not be of any concern. If you're maintaining a normal blood pressure with that rate its not indicative of any problems. If you do experience fatiugue, dizziness, lightheadedness, etc with a rate of 53-55 you should consult your physician. But if you feel fine, tis northing to be concerned about. If anything a low resting HR, especially when supine, is quite normal especially if you are aerobically fit.

Now if you were laying flat and totally calm, yet your HR was 130+, that would be problematic.
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