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left atrial enlargement

I recently took a stress test and an ECG. The results told me I have left atrial enlargement and while at the treadmill, the test also said that I had "premature atrial contraction immediately after exercise, recovery 4; premature ventricular contraction at stage 5." what does this mean? On a positive note, I have high cardiorespiratory fitness having reached close to maximum heart rate at stage 6 at 13 METS (duration of treadmill exercise was 16.5 minutes). What are the implications of my findings? Should I take is easy on the workout ( i do strength training 3X a week, I run and join 10K races; and do mountain biking)?
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Did you doctor restrict your activity levels?  I'm not a doctor, but it looks like you did very well on the stress test.

Premature atrial contractions (PACs) are extra beats that originate from the atrium. In a structurally normal heart, they are generally considered benign.  

Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) are extra beats that originate from the ventricles and have the same prognosis as PACs in a structurally normal heart.

Sometimes, the computer will "spit out" a diagnosis like "atrial enlargement".  That's where it's really important for the doctor to correlate your history, body type, exercise capacity, other test results and arrive at an actual (not computer generated) diagnosis.  What did your doctor say about the findings?
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Hi, Momto3! Thank you for your warm welcome and this most reassuring post.

Actually, my appointment with my cardiologist has yet to happen. While waiting, I've talked to another doctor friend and she said pretty much the same thing you've posted.

She said that based on my current fitness level, this is probably a benign reading. Based on what I've read on other posts on this site, it seems that PACs and PVCs occur normally.

Like you, she also said that unless I feel something awry while working out, I need not lessen my training intensity.

You know quite a lot, Momto3. Are you sure you're not a doctor?

My anxiety stems from the fact that heart disease runs in my family.

I will let you know what happens after I've seen my cardiologist.

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