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left side chest pain

I'm a 23 yr old male, 6ft and weight 205lbs. I have been experiencing this left side chest pain for over 2 years now. The past year and a half, I have been in the charity system and had multiple test including, echo's, blood work, stress test, holter monitors, ekgs. I recently just got insurance and got established with a family Doc, been seeing hime about 3 months. I've had an ekg, holter monitor, and blood work done through him. He referred me to a cardiologist and he did an ekg and then just pushed it off and said I'm fine. Everyday I have the left side chest pain that is like right over my heart and it's like an intermittent pinching pain. It feels like its coming from my heart. What could be causing this??? Today I had it really bad and my left arm started to ache, which it does sometimes with the chest pain, so I checked my b/p at wal-mart on one of those machines and it said 187/97!!!!! I immediately went to my Doc and they checked it and it was 164/92. Doc listened to my heart and did a physical exam and said don't sound heart related, sounds muscular, just pushed it off, and before I left checked my bp and it was 147/84. How could this be muscular for so long, over 2 years is a long time. And when I feel the pain I can feel my heartbeat get really hard and feels weird. Also my cholestrol was total (245), triglycrides (182), HDL (48) and LDL (160). Please tell me what you think about all the info I gave you and what do you think could be causing all my symptoms and the everyday left side chest pain, with skipped heartbeat sensations. Thanks you so much!!"
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I think muscular doesnt necessarily refer to an injury, a lot of people get muscular pain in their chest from stress, and the more you think about it the more it will hurt.

If it is muscular from an injury it will often be more painful when you are moving around than when you are resting and still.

Chest pain can also be caused by digestive system problems, and lung problems.

What i can suggest is that you write down is
1) what have you been doing/eating/ emotionally feeling before the pain started
2) give a descriptiopn of your symptoms, grade the pain from 1-10, note down any breathlessness, nausea, sweating, pale skin/lips, dizziness, note down where the pain raidiates to - is itjust your left arm, or is it your back or your jaw etc..
3) if you dont think you need to go to the emergancy room, then write down how long it took you to recover, how you felt for the rest of the day etc.

Also remember that shop-bought blood pressure machines can be inaccurate.

Once armed with all of this info, next time you see your doctor you can give it to them and they will have a much better idea of the pattern of your problems.

Feeling palpitations/your heart beating really hard can also be bought on by anxiety/stress, heartburn and of course chest/heart problems.

I am not a doctor, so there are probably loads of other things that it can be that I dont know about, and obviously if you are in any doubt at all, it is always better to be safe and go to the emergancy room if you are having symptoms like radiating chest pain.

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I know this is a old post but I have been having same symptoms. Can I follow up if you were able to find anything
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