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I used to take zoloft 2mg. once a day along with clonazepam 1 mg. up to 3 x a day.  My tachycardia continued to get worse with heart rate up to 120-130 just by taking out the trash or doing mild housework.

So my doc put me on lexapro 10 mg. to take instead of zoloft.  She said I should keep taking the clonazepam as needed.

Has anyone had any experience with lexapro 10 mg.   Thankyou.
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Hi Yolie. I was prescribed 10 mg of Lexapro and yr. or so ago in hopes to reduce the anxiety that was provoked by the PVCs I was experiencing.  I only took it for a short time (3 weeks); so, I probably wouldn't be of too much help.  I'm hoping someone else will see and reply to your post.  

I've heard that it has been very helpful to others.  In my case, I weaned off and discontinued (per doctor instructions) because of certain undesireable side affects.

Blessings and Pleasant thoughts to you.  
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