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low blood presure

my blood pressure is97\62   ,,pulse82>>.i'm taking 50mg of atenol>once a day..how do i get my blood pressure up and heart rate down?
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My blood pressure is this low normally. I don't take anything.

As to getting the pressure up, I am not too sure, but, I really do not think you have to worry unless you are getting uncomfortable symptoms like dizziness, fainting and such. The heart rate is what I call "high normal"I would ask your doc about that. If you are not getting enough rest, I have heard that the heart rate can increase, so can eatting certain foods you might be allergic to.
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i am on atenolol too and have low blood pressure because of it. before i starting taking the it, my bp was 110/70 ish, and now it is 90/50ish. my doctor told me to not restrict salt from my diet, and drink a lot of fluids. that helps to raise blood pressure. also, don't take anything that works as a diuretic. i think that bp is too low for me, because my feet and hands are cold a lot, and my metabolism is slowing. but if you don't have any symptoms or low blood pressure, then it may be okay that that's your number. you can have a low blood pressure reading without techincally having low blood pressure (as a condition).
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Hello Hubby 1949 Atenolol or Atenol(your spelling) is for the Treatment of hypertension, alone or in combination with other agents; management of angina pectoris or postmyocardial infarction patients.
You don't state your medical history in detail so its unclear why your on this medicine.
Atenolol or Atenol(as you have spelled it)can cause low blood pressure (hypotension)as a side effect.Your heart rate of 82 is actually fine and well within NORMAL limits.

Low blood pressure starts at around 90/60 and below,however many people can and do run around without a problems at these rates.Some people just have a naturally Low BP.
I myself can run around at 100/60,my girlfriend at 96/66 so as you can see its quite different.As long as your not getting dizzy or going unconscious then its not a problem.
Try to do some gentle exercise every day like fast walking up hill,you must get your blood moving in your body,but gently and do not over exert yourselfthats the secret.
A bicycle is ideal,stationary or out in the park.but again very gently and gradually build up your fitness and in so doing your heart health.
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