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low heart rate and blood pressure then usual

i im 31 and i have ben over weight only recently have come down in weight

i went ill a few months ago, began to get headaches , weakness and dizzyness, i have been in and out of drs but there hasn't been much help.

my blood pressure was normall 125-130/80 it had dropped to 90/80 at one point when i became ill.
i remember my heart rate was racing aboce 110 for a few days too. then i was getting palptations alot, weakness,dizzyness, i have had an ecg, thyroid been checkedkidney, liver was fine

i still get the palptations somtimes, my heart rates normally between 75 and 85 easily, but it has dropped to 60's 70's max

i still am weak, feel dizzy, light headed, i have fainted on 2 occasions, my sugar level was checked in hospital and was low ( i had then been tested for diabetes a few times its negative) i have also had eye inflamation through this time, which is getting better, but yeah, my question is, what could have caused me to go weak al of a sudden?dizzyness, resulting in lower blood pressure and heart beat which is still low, for example i walked to the drs who checked me blood pressure once, it was 140/85 since i had walked it there but my heart rate dropped to 50's, its never been this low, i have been tested for the laying down and standing blood pressure test too

i really am not sure whats going on, can anyone give me some help/advice on this?what can be the cause? what should i get tested? my blood pressure i know is lower then it was before so is the heart rate, drs and nurses tel me my blood pressure and heart rate is normal for my age, but they don't understand what am saying is it's normally higher then what they are reading ( my father and mother have a bp machine, which i have checked my bp before)

thanks, i hope i get some help as i'm still weak and even depressed as i can't find the cause of my ilness
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Sorry youare having such a bad time of it.  My first question is did you have a Ha1c ( a blood test that can check your blood sugar levels over the last 3 months)?  Because you've lost the wt., you may have widely fluxulating blood sugar levels that can cause your symptoms.  Also, did you have your T3 and T4 levels checked along with your TSH when you had your thyroid hormones checked.  Sometimes they can be out of whack when you TSH looks normal.  
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because you're used to bp of 130/80 a drop to 90/80 will make you dizzy, its better being that high, you're at less risk of heart attack and stroke, you've had all the appropriate tests done and you should trust you doctor, if you feel dizzy go back and they will probably need to do more tests, if you carry on worrying you will cause anxiety
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thanks for the reply i have had a tsh done that was fine, not had a Ha1c or t3,t4 blood test, what can cause fluxulating blood sugar levels?

im just very weak and feel like im half asleep, i have had a tsh test befiore got another one and one for fbc blood test.

im not worried, i just want to get back to my normal lifestyle,feel restless and weak alot. i know it somtimes isn't easy.

thanls again

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Hey Mike.....my two cents to add to the mix is that you need to possibly take a look at your intake with both food and fluids on a daily basis.  You did not say that if you are purposely trying to lose weight and are walking or working out but the first thought that pops up in my mind is your dietary intake.  You need to remember that food groups high with sugar naturally like fruit should be eaten in the morning hours only and pasta and rice products at nite.  This helps balance out your dietary levels of sugar.  If all of your tests have come back okay then it seems to me that your metabolism could be factoring into this as well as your diet.  Try to do a little research for yourself to find a dietary plan that works well for you and remember we aren't supposed to eat large meals after seven at nite and are actually supposed to eat 5 small meals thru out the day.  Maybe it is just your body reacting to the weight loss so everything is shifting and your adrenaline levels are being effected....just a thought......
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Wow, the same thing started happening to me out of the clear blue sky last month.  No changes in anything I'm eating, doing, medications, and haven't lost weight.

My blood pressure was in the 130s/80s and my pulse rate was 75 to 85.  Now the BP is in the 90s/70s and my heart rate is in the 60s.  That's resting.  When up my BP is in the 135s/80s and my heart rate is in the low 70s.  I feel faint and dizzy but haven't passed out yet.  Come close.

I've always had PVCs which I take medication for but now my heart is more irregular and feels like that is what is keeping is slow.  

Of course my cardio is no help.  Are they ever????

I feel this will never improve.  I just don't feel good at all.
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thanks for the replies

my heart rate is actually just above 45 (used to be 75 or above) the bp is in its 105-110/70-75 mpw too.
originally one morning i woke up (night before i went for a jogg in the park) shortness of breath, tingling sensations in hands face, weaknesss,dizzyness,brainfog,palptations all out the blue, when seen by dr i was pushed aside telling me its a panic atack, the shortness of breath went on for 2- 3 months

i do remember fainting a few weeks later and hospital said i had low sugar,gave me buscuits to raise my sugar levels, (have been tested for diabetes many times after this and was neg) also few weeks later i recall i had a racing heart for 2 days at resting it was 110-120.  few weeks later i also experienced eye inflamation and floaters, which a eye specialist fixed, took 3 months.all this was 10 months ago,

i am now left with weaknes dizzy feeling get palptations,spaced out too. i try to do little exercise if i do, my body aches for days and just find it hard to cope with. i have noticed i don't get the adrenaline rush i used to, its almost as if im missing that feeling.

and lastly left with low bp perssure and heart rate then usual

i have almost given up and learning to live with it, to just be happy, maybe it will get better itself or a dr may find and fix me, i will remain persistant as i have hope, thanks everyone for your advice its helpful
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was looking through the net it seems like the kidneys can cause this too along with imbalances
if they are not working properly

kidney problems can cause, heart rythm issues, weakness,lethargic,dizzyness,(due to inability to clear out wastes and potasium) heart palptations, loss of appitite, inflamation in other areas, can cause many other symptoms too, i have a urologist appointment soon, suspected chronic prostratitis, but will see, this could be it for many people too
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I applaud you for your tenacity in getting to the bottom of this.  Knowledge is Power!  Researching, as you have done, has given you a direction, a point from which to start.  Your adrenals could be playing out, that's something I didn't even think about. You never did say exactly how much wt you lost?  It could have an impact.  You're way to you to be feeling this way. Let us know hoe the urology visit goes. Hope you feel better soon!  :)
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i read about adrenal insufficiency, it really does fit into my symptoms

the blood sugar dropping at one point, the blood pressure dropping slightly,heart rythm, the extreme allergy attacks (allergic eye) getting frequent, weakness, exhauhstion, brain fog, body pains, including back pains.

one thing i have noticed with my own physical evaluation is i dont get the adrenal rush no matter what i do, so that was missing for a while, thats why its funny you mentioned adenal issue. Also i have noticed i have white dots all over my nails too,

linda thanks for your help on this and all you guys i will  have to wait soo long to be seen by urologist though.

will update you guys
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the other thing i have had back was
i think i have calcium difficeincy (probably explains the white dots on my nails) on a blood test and also
total blood protien is meant to be 80 but mines was 86 its 6 above the normal value is that
somthing to worry about?

thanks again
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I don't know much about the deficiencies...levels.  It seems like you've had something going on ever since you had that really bad whiplash.  It sounds like they didn't do a whole lot in the way of testing.  With your symptoms you could have suffered a mild stroke (TIA).  I don't know if you've done any research on the Vagus Nerve but it can become aggitated and then affect certain areas from the brainstem all the way down to your colon.  It runs parallel to your trachea and esophogus.  Read up on it's possible connection.  It's definitely worth a look. Good Luck Mike on your journey... by the way...where do you live?
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many thanks

youre right about not being checked up properly, i had bad back pains for months, i was refered to a physio therapist 2 times he popped my back, by laying me down and placing his body force on my side, cracking noises all the way fro,m botton of the spine the top, he did this twice i had 3 sessions, after a week and a half i developed these symptoms which have eased alot then before includin eye inflamtion, heart rate,low blood pressure,palptations,weakness,dizzyness,off balance and plenty of panik attacks with digestion issues.

i read about Vagus Nerve some people have had it after injuries, you may be soo right, i also had high cholestrol which i been dieting last few months to fix, that may have caused the calcium difficiency, so you could be right about the mini stroke too, how do i get the stroke checked out? i have had a ct scan months ago of the brain was fine.

so im focusing on parathyroid,AI, mini stroke and Vagus Nerve/spine and back/neck checkups

im from the UK, place called nottingham

thanks again,
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i've had spells of too low HR. (diziness, weakness, cold and pale hands and feet, etc)

in my case, i think they are caused by focusing on my breath and taking over the breathing pattern.
slowing the breath stimulates the vagus and lowers the HR.
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thanks for the reply

so panic attacks can do the same to the Vagus nerve,

do you suffer from the condition?

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your symptoms sound soo much like mines,it is alarming, especially when you get dizzy, i get palptations, can feel my heart beating when i lay down especially laying on the left side. can also see my heart beating on my stomach, not sure of thats normal, butt they feel like spasms, but its my heart beat i can see. odd wish drs could check properly.
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I am so tired of this.  That's what happens to me.  I can see my heartbeat on my stomach.  I feel so bad sometimes when I'm up and around I have to stop and take deep breaths to feel better.  I also have to cough to feel better.  I also drink large glasses of ice water to feel better.  I stop walking and have to stand still because I feel light headed.  Sometimes after I eat I have thumping skips and my heart rate is slower than usual.  I have to go to the doctor and get another holter monitor tomorrow.  I have to drive so far there and back I am scared.  My quality of life ***** and I don't know if I want to go on any longer.  This last phase has been a month and a half now.  
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Prostatitis can cause many, if not all of the symptoms you describe - I know this personally. Prostate infections can go systemic - and affect virtually every part of your system's functions. Do you ever have night sweats?  Have you self-checked the prostate for pain or hardness?  Pain when urinating? Coagulated semen?  Be sure they check for mycoplasma which requires a different testing method than most doctors call for...

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maybe its somthing to do with your stomach and duodenum, i hear the bacteria h.pylori can do this and stomach issues too, you know, i wish my quality of life was back, but its not thaty easy to get it back once its taken away, i guess it takes time
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hi thanks for the reply

interesting you mention the prostratitis, i have all those symptoms, not done the selftest, i do believe i have chronic prostratitis ( i have been tested previously for std's and i was negative). i have had the antibody blood test believe it was fine, i have not had the mycoplasma, what is that for? and can i simply ask my dr i want him  to check mycoplasma?  i haven't really cared to speak to the dr about the prostratitis because i've had prostratitis like symptoms for many years now and simply had accepted them.
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Prostatitis is nearly always caused by an infection. The infection can and will spread to organs that affect the heart, as well as the heart itself. Urologists are poorly trained (at least many have been)  to diagnose the causes of prostatitis. Mycoplasma is an elemental type of bacteria that most tests don't pick up, and is major player in prostate infections. My heart problems began at the time I contracted a prostate infection that became unresolved - due to doctors unfamiliar with the problem - it led to heart issues that I still deal with today....but finally killing off the bacteria has led to a year-by-year improvement in heart function and stamina.  The down-side is that I killed off the bacteria necessary for proper digestion in my gut - but I learned how to deal with that too. This process to recovery took years and years... you don't need to go through that same painful process.

I STRONGLY recommend you purchase a copy of "The Prostatitis Syndromes:" by Bradley R. Hennenfent, MD.

This book coincidentally contains all the info I gathered over the years (in desperate attempts at self-healing) and more.... Do not believe the spodes who tell you prostatitis is OK if they can't find the source...

I cured myself by taking massive doses of mexican-bought antibiotics... a dangerous course of experimental, but informed, action brought about by desperation  - I was so miserable I was heavy-duty suicidal for about 2 years.  All but one of the urologists I saw were worthless to me.

Good luck friend....don't rely exclusively on doctors to look after your best interests...be informed and find a way. I bought my copy of the book on Amazon.com.
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hi thanks for that, i will check the book out, it is on amazon and will be buying it, my question is about how to test for Mycoplasma, i was checking online and it shows a PCR test can detect Mycoplasma and confirm it, so if i was to have this test and it was negative then the prostratitis may not be the cause of my problems right?

what tests did you do to get Mycoplasma confrimed?

thanks you
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I didn't have any special tests and never had bacteria show as a cause.  The book explains why this  happens with standard testing procedures ( in a nutshell, the prostate has to be "milked" to get the fluid out that is then tested for bacteria...) which few doctors do.  In addition, it is imperative that the prostate be massaged during antibiotic treatment to purge the inflammed gland of bacterial-generated fluids and thus allow better penetration of the antibiotic(s).  I figured that one out myself, and once I started doing that, the antibiotics began to work...the book also recommends that process.

As for the mycoplasma, it is but one of many pathogens that can cause prostatitis...I had to make a lot of assumptions based on symptoms, and used broad-spectrum antibiotics for long periods of time to finally cure myself.  What I did was dangerous, but I was desperate...and it paid off.  The fatigue, being unable to sleep except on my back due to bad heart palpatations, night sweats, all that stuff finally went away after a full six month duration of antibiotics.  I hope you don't need to go to such extremes, that's why I recommend the book to give you a better perspective than I had at that point.  I don't blame the doctors I went to for being useless, they are just over-hyped in a society that needs heroes I guess, LOL..
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