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My doctor as put me on 25 mg metoprolol extened release daily for palpitations. I am reading on the web about weight gain and hair loss. Does hanyone has any experience with this medicine--good or bad? I am 38 years old otherwise healthy, active person and I eat right but  am little nervous about starting the medicine as i have heard once you go on it, you have to take it forever.
Someone please advise---share your experience with the medicine.
Thank you.
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I am not familiar with the side effects you mention "weight gain and hair loss" resulting from this Betablocker. Also, I would be interested to know where you read or heard that once you start taking this medication, you are on it for life. That isn't a true statement. It is true that when you are taking any form of Betablocker, it isn't something that can be stopped abruptly. In order to safely come off this medication, one must do so by slowly tapering the dose down over a period of weeks.

If your Dr has prescribed this to you, he must feel that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

I hope this helps shed some light.:)
That's Right. I'm gained 30 lbs 34 yrs old. But I'm living.
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I was put on 50 mg of Troprol in August, then in November my dosage was lowered to 25 mg a day. I have never heard of those side effects, and I really don't have any problems with taking the Toprol. In February my EP will put me on a heart monitor and if I am still a-fib free he told me I will be able to come of Toprol altogether.
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Yes you gain weight. I'm 34 no health problems until I suddenly went into cardiac arrest at the Harley rally. I'm gained at least 30 lbs but I'm living and that's all that
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My boss and i both took metoprlol. Him for years and me for months. We both had different reasons. I hacent heard of weight or hair problems. I told my doctor i cant take it because of brain problems like memory, emotional disconnect, and general lack of logic. He said thats so rare but most common in young men like me.
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Ive been using it for over 12 years, 75mg. per day.  I experienced some weight gain, but no hair loss.  Libido issues are also a concern, but again that did not affect me.  25mg. is on the low side where dosages can be over 200mg.  My cardiologist has prescribed 400mg. to a patient.  I was as high as 200mg. at one point and felt like a zombie on it.  My BP was very low, and my heart wouldn't respond to physical demands.  After being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, I cot on CPAP and backed off the Metoprolol to where I am now.  I find it very effective, and extremely affordable.  My Medicare insurance covers it 100%.
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