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Have any of you ever experienced one?  If so, was it something you and your doctors had to continue to worry about?

A week ago I went in for an A-fib ablation.  Recovery has gone okay, not perfect, but not terrible.  Yesterday while riding in the car with a friend of mine, my vision became incredibly blurry.  In retrospect I also recall feeling a little nauseous and that sudden dropping feeling where you just don't feel quite right anymore.  I tried to get my vision to clear up, even switched from my contacts to my glasses and nothing helped.  After about 10 minutes I called my EP's office, thinking that it was just another bad side effect of the meds I'm on.  They jumped into action and prescribed a blood thinner that you inject into your stomach fat and told me use it as soon as possible.  I'm taking this for 7 days along with the previously prescribed Pradaxa.  I know that they are concerned about blood clots and stroke with A-fib ablations, but I figured that the blood thinner was enough.  Should I be concerned in the future?  At 30 I wouldn't be considered a high risk, or am I now?  
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Best advice is carry out the doctor's orders.  

I recall when my wife had major cancer surgery we had to inject a anticoagulant, and I asked about just using Warfarin.  The doctor said no, it seems the injection is far more effective (strong?).  I don't recall how long she had to take the injections (administered by me), but think it was about a week.  I also recall when I picked up the box of one-use syringes I said, "but we have prescription insurance".. he said, yes, that is your cost after the insurance covers (a major portion of the cost) its limits.  I guess there was no generic substitute at that time (about 2 years ago), the throw away syringes couldn't account for more that a dollar or two per shot.  The good news is she didn't have any clot problems, that we know of.

I'm sure you have looked up the list of symptoms on stroke so I'll not try to do better as I'd have to look up myself.  Happily I have never had any stroke problems, that I know of.  

Keep us posted, we all wish you a speedy and full recovery and atrial fibrillation free life.
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