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I had a sore throat followed by a cold infection with much phlegm, for around a week or so. Around two weeks after the termination of the infection, I experienced unusual palpitations- skipping heart beats followed by tachycardia. Could this be myocarditis? What tests should I take?
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Hey, have you ever had the paps before?

If not I would make a appointment with a cardio dr or your reg dr have a few test ran to make sure Alls ok

Sounds like reg PVC/pacs nothing to worry about, but always have them checked
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Do you have chest pain?  I believe chest pain is a pretty common symptom of myocarditis so if you haven't any chest pain they it may just be some run of the mill extra beats that sometimes come about when we have been sick and our heart and body is a bit stressed out from it all.  When in doubt though go and get a check up to make sure all is well.  Take care.
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