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new beats

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been posting for awhile, the Metoprolol has been doing pretty well for me. I still get my PVCs,PACs and SVT, but to a much lesser degree. Well today I went into SVT but it was different than usual. I got really crazy beats (not like the "normal" PVCs etc) for almost a full minute before jumping into PSVT. That lasted about 20 minutes before it resolved. I had a cardiac work up recently, which looked ok..as in same as usual. Anyone else have this happen? And should I start worrying anew? Thanx :-)
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I forgot to add: I have been recently diagnosed with a bunch of new fun stuff. Fibromyalgia, IBS, ulcers, diverticulitis and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I don't know if any of this has anything to do with anything.
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I don't know what version of Metoprolol you are taking, regular or slow release?

I have taken both and went to slow release because it was a lot cheaper.. took 1/2 as much as the SR but took it every 12 hours.  I later learned Atenolol has a longer half life and my cardiologist agreed to me changing.  I find the Atenolol works better for me.

How long before you symptoms described in this post did you take you dose of BB, and NR or SR?

As for the other problems, I think heart rhythm responds to all our emotional and physical upsets - yes think there is a relationship.  

Hope you get better on all issues.
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Hi Jerry! I am on the same, the tartrate because I'm still uninsured and its cheaper.  I'm only on 25mgs BID  and take it every 12 hours also.  This happened about five pm and my last dose was eight a.m..  I'm wondering if my dosage is too low?  Also what do you think about that long run of crazy beats? I always thought PSVT  was supposed to start and stop on a single beat.  Thanx so much for your input.
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You might benefit from a larger dose or another BB.  I would discuss it with my cardio.  My doctor encouraged me to try 1/4 or 1/2 at a time to slow down tachycardia and it worked well for me for years.  I had to check out my BP so it or my pulse didn't get too low.  Good luck with this.
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