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no more waiting ablation scheduled!

Hi all, the waiting is over I will have the ablation done on Nov.4th. I am glad it will not be the Oct 31st. The only other date they had was 10-14 (my B-day of course).  I am sure I will be freaking out the week before so prepare to be bombarded.

Do I still get the ride???? LOL

Thanks to all!!!!

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I had an ablation done on Aug. 4th and I thought it  was no big deal at all. I am so happy I did it and I know you will be too.  All of us will be with you every step of the way.  Good luck and  I will be happy to help you in any way that I can.
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You will be so glad on November 5th, that you went through with the ablation.  Until then, you'll be a bundle of nerves.  I had an ablation in September of '07.  I breezed through it with no problems and would do it again, if I had to.  Lots of great people on this forum that will pull you through the next few weeks.  Good luck.  Pam
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Hello Roe-

That is great news! Don't forget to wear the vampie teeth I mentioned...Even though it's not happening on Halloween, you can still throw them for a loop! *lol*
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The car is in for a wash and wax so you will be riding in style!!

Congratulations on getting your procedure scheduled!  Feel free to bombard us; we're here to help : )

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